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Crafting games refers to products in which players collect resources and then use them to create or improve items, equipment, buildings or other elements within the game world. Creative crafting and planning is often required to advance in the game.

 TitlePublisherReleasedSteam APP ID:
7 Days to Die7 Days to DieThe Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC2013251570
Above Snakes: PrologueAbove Snakes: PrologueCrytivo20232209150
ArcticoArcticoClaudio Norori2014325210
ARK: Survival EvolvedARK: Survival EvolvedWildcard Properties, LLC2017346110
ASTRONEERASTRONEERSystem Era Softworks2016361420
BreathedgeBreathedgeRedRuins Softworks2018738520
Citadel: Forged with FireCitadel: Forged with FireBlue Isle Studios2017487120
Conan ExilesConan ExilesFuncom2018440900
Core KeeperCore KeeperFireshine Games20221621690
Craft the WorldCraft the WorldBlack Maple Games2014248390
CraftopiaCraftopiaPOCKET PAIR, Inc.20201307550
CrashlandsCrashlandsButterscotch Senanigans2016391730
Dark and LightDark and LightSnail Games USA2017529180
Don’t StarveDon’t StarveKlei Entertainment2013219740
Don’t Starve TogetherDon’t Starve TogetherKlei Entertainment2016322330
EcoEcoStrange Loop Games2018382310
FactorioFactorioWube Software LTD.2016427520
Fade to SilenceFade to SilenceEmbracer Group2017706020
ForagerForagerHumble Games2019751780
Force of Nature 2: Ghost KeeperForce of Nature 2: Ghost KeeperCrytivo20211316230
Gas Station SimulatorGas Station SimulatorMovie Games S.A.20211149620
Green HellGreen HellCreepy Jar S.A.2018815370
How to Survive 2How to Survive 2505 Games2016360170
Main AssemblyMain AssemblyTeam17 Digital Ltd20211078920
Medieval EngineersMedieval EngineersKeen Software House s.r.o.2015333950
METAL GEAR SURVIVE V: The Phantom PainMETAL GEAR SURVIVE V: The Phantom PainKonami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.2015287700
MiscreatedMiscreatedEntrada Interactive LLC2014299740
My Time At PortiaMy Time At PortiaTeam17 Digital Ltd2018666140
My Time at SandrockMy Time at SandrockPathea Games20221084600
New WorldNew, Inc.20211063730
NiffelheimNiffelheimEllada Games2018351100
No Man’s SkyNo Man’s SkyHello Games2016275850
Novus InceptioNovus InceptioMcMagic Productions2015386590
Oxygen Not IncludedOxygen Not IncludedKlei Entertainment2017457140
Phoning HomePhoning HomeION LANDS2017431650
Planet NomadsPlanet NomadsCraneballs2017504050
RaftRaftAxolot Games2018648800
Sandship: Crafting FactorySandship: Crafting FactoryRockbite Games2020 
SatisfactorySatisfactoryCoffee Stain Publishing2019526870
Savage LandsSavage LandsLast Bastion Studios LLC2015307880
ScumScumJagex Ltd.2018513710
Shop Titans: Craft & BauenShop Titans: Craft & BauenKabam Games, Inc.20201258080
Space EngineersSpace EngineersKeen Software House s.r.o.2013244850
Stardew ValleyStardew ValleyChucklefish2016413150
SubnauticaSubnauticaUnknown Worlds Entertainment2018264710
Subnautica: Below ZeroSubnautica: Below ZeroUnknown Worlds Entertainment2019848450
The EscapistsThe EscapistsTeam17 Digital Ltd2015298630
The long DarkThe long DarkHinterland Studio Inc.2017305620
Tribes of MidgardTribes of MidgardGearbox Publishing, LLC2021858820
VolcanoidsVolcanoidsVolcanoid s.r.o.2019951440