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Hidden Objects (12)

Hidden objects video games are known for its puzzles and challenges, in which players have to search for and identify hidden objects in complex images or scenes. Often these games are associated with an exciting plot or mystery and require careful observation and perception to succeed.

 TitlePublisherReleasedSteam APP ID:
24 Solar Terms24 Solar TermsGamera Games20231589800
A Plot StoryA Plot StoryShaman Games Studio2017699160
Agent A: A puzzle in disguiseAgent A: A puzzle in disguiseYak & Co2019801480
Dark Angels: Masquerade of ShadowsDark Angels: Masquerade of ShadowsAlawar Entertainment2013560720
Demon Hunter 2: New ChapterDemon Hunter 2: New ChapterArtifex Mundi2016465720
Hidden FolksHidden FolksAdriaan de Jongh2017435400
InfluentInfluentThree Flip Studios2014274980
Noir Chronicles: City of CrimeNoir Chronicles: City of CrimeArtifex Mundi2018756500
Nostradamus - The Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseNostradamus - The Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseMicroids Indie2018774131
Path of Sin: GreedPath of Sin: GreedArtifex Mundi2018895420
The Last Dream: Developer’s EditionThe Last Dream: Developer’s EditionSpecialbit Studio2015395860
Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient SpectresTime Mysteries 2: The Ancient SpectresArtifex Mundi2011313650