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The puzzle genre is characterized by titles in which players must solve puzzles, tackle problems and use logical thinking to overcome obstacles or overcome challenges. These games can include a wide range of puzzle types, from simple matching games to complex brainteasers.

 TitlePublisherReleasedSteam APP ID:
10 Second Ninja X10 Second Ninja XCurve Games2016435790
A long way homeA long way homeJonathan Mulcahy2016461030
A Plot StoryA Plot StoryShaman Games Studio2017699160
Agent A: A puzzle in disguiseAgent A: A puzzle in disguiseYak & Co2019801480
Akihabara - Feel the RhythmAkihabara - Feel the RhythmJMJ Interactive2017565660
Army of SquirrelsArmy of SquirrelsSpawn Point OSK2018793260
BeepBeepBig Fat Alien2011104200
Behind the ScreenBehind the Screen18Light Game Ltd.2018821560
Brain Challenge - Brain Training GameBrain Challenge - Brain Training GameWetpalm2017 
Cat on a DietCat on a DietForever Entertainment S. A.2016447890
Catherine ClassicCatherine ClassicSEGA2019893180
CircularityCircularityGiorgi Abelashvili2017709380
ContrastContrastFocus Entertainment2013224460
CubicCubicMikhail Melnikov2017718330
Deponia und Deponia: The Complete JourneyDeponia und Deponia: The Complete JourneyDaedalic Entertainment2012292910
DialingDialingOtakuMaker SARL2017775730
Dungelot: Shattered LandsDungelot: Shattered LandstinyBuild2016403940
Dungeon GirlDungeon GirlFruitbat Factory, Ltd.2018494090
Ethan: Meteor HunterEthan: Meteor HunterSeaven Studio2014266330
Fallen CubeFallen CubeWRD2017670370
Fluffy FriendsFluffy FriendsFor Kids2017708300
Girl and GoblinGirl and GoblinInverse Game2019880510
GoetiaGoetiaSQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.2016421740
GorogoaGorogoaAnnapurna Games, LLC2017557600
HackyZackHackyZackSpaceboy Games2017508530
HaydeeHaydeeHaydee Interactive2016530890
Hentai HalloweenHentai HalloweenIR Studio20191171440
Hentai NeighborsHentai NeighborsMature Games2018946090
Hentai Pussy 2Hentai Pussy 2Cyber Keks20191072120
HexoscopeHexoscopeSometimes You2016495780
Hitman GO: Definitive EditionHitman GO: Definitive EditionSQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.2016427820
Hollow StepsHollow StepsQuickSave2018802900
Human: Fall flatHuman: Fall flatCurve Games2016477160
IchiIchiStolen Couch Games2014300300
InfinifactoryInfinifactoryZachtronics LLC2015300570
InfluentInfluentThree Flip Studios2014274980
Isotiles - Isometric Puzzle GameIsotiles - Isometric Puzzle GameRobert Alvarez2017654440
KamiKamiState of Play Games2014272040
KeyWeKeyWeSold Out20211242980
Lara Croft and the Guardian of LightLara Croft and the Guardian of LightSQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.201035130
Layers of Fear 2Layers of Fear 2Gun Media20191029890
Legend of Grimrock 2Legend of Grimrock 2Almost Human Games2014251730
LightmatterLightmatterAspyr Media, INC.2020994140
Linea, the GameLinea, the GameKHB-Soft2016428900
LozengeLozengeOtakuMaker SARL2018775720
LunaformLunaformChronobit Studios2017597190
LYNELYNEThomas Bowker2014266010
MachinariumMachinariumAmanita Design200940700
Magic Pixel PicrossMagic Pixel PicrossShandong Jerei Digital Technology Co.,LTD.2017687600
Magrunner: Dark PulseMagrunner: Dark PulseFrogwares2013209630
Marble DuelMarble DuelHeroCraft2015338120
MechanismMechanismAlexander Goodwin2018645290
MillieMillieForever Entertainment S. A.2014294230
Mini MetroMini MetroDinosaur Polo Club2015287980
Mystery LossMystery LossInterSol OOO2017689740
Never AgainNever AgainPrimary Games2017430070
OokibloksOokibloksSkyboy Games2015399910
Oscura: Lost LightOscura: Lost LightSurprise Attack2015320520
Paint SkillsPaint SkillsWySix2018791100
Paradise Cleaning!Paradise Cleaning!PRODUCTION PENCIL2018950460
PingPingExamined Interactive2017655280
Pixel Junk™ Shooter UltimatePixel Junk™ Shooter UltimateDouble Eleven2015332330
Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZPixel Puzzles: UndeadZKISS ltd2014285010
Pleasure Puzzle:PortraitPleasure Puzzle:Portrait冷笑黑妖2018939620
Pussy 3Pussy 3Cyber Keks20191067020
Racoon HeroRacoon HeroZonitron Productions2017678810
Replay - VHS is not deadReplay - VHS is not deadNeko Entertainment2015333490
RiMERiMEGrey Box2017493200
Rollers of the RealmRollers of the RealmATLUS USA2014262470
Samorost 3Samorost 3Amanita Design2016421120
Shadow of the Tomb RaiderShadow of the Tomb RaiderSQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.2018750920
Shattered HavenShattered HavenArcen Games, LLC2013234370
SilenceSilenceDaedalic Entertainment2016314790
Spiral SplatterSpiral SplatterSometimes You2017684870
SteamburgSteamburgMicroids Indie2017723760
SupermagicalSupermagicalSuper Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team2017681100
Syberia - The World BeforeSyberia - The World BeforeMicroids20221410640
Taimanin Collection: Battle ArenaTaimanin Collection: Battle ArenaInfini-Brain, Inc.20201330250
THE 2048THE 2048Thick & Thin2017674310
The Mahjong HuntressThe Mahjong HuntressForever Entertainment S. A.2016474910
The Penguin FactoryThe Penguin FactoryBattenberg Software2019486180
The soldier in the mineThe soldier in the mineLaush Studio2017685750
The Turing TestThe Turing TestSQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.2016499520
ThinkAheadThinkAheadIndovers Studio2017655180
TidalisTidalisArcen Games, LLC201040420
Time in TimeTime in TimeErayTek2017474830
Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient SpectresTime Mysteries 2: The Ancient SpectresArtifex Mundi2011313650
Torch Cave 1Torch Cave 1Crimson Duck Studios2016393055
Torch Cave 2Torch Cave 2Crimson Duck Studios2016393057
Tormented SoulsTormented SoulsPQube Limited20211367590
Train ValleyTrain ValleyFlazm2015353640
TransposeTransposeSecret Location Inc.2018835950
Tricky TowersTricky TowersWeirdBeard2016437920
Trine 4: The Nightmare PrinceTrine 4: The Nightmare PrinceModus Games2019690640
TwicklesTwicklesAssemble Entertainment2017695110
Vampires!Vampires!For Kids2017713050
VitrumVitrum9Heads Game Studios2012291270
WarpWarpElectronic Arts, Inc.2012102850
WheelyWheelyMana Potion Studios2016548330
while True: learn()while True: learn()Luden.io2019619150
World of GooWorld of Goo2D Boy200822000
Yesterday OriginsYesterday OriginsMicroids2016465280
YouropaYouropafrecle ApS2018640120
Zasa - An AI StoryZasa - An AI StoryRainssong2016447240
Zup! ZeroZup! ZeroQuiet River2017610360