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In roguelite games, there are often permanent advances or unlocks that allow players to get stronger or acquire new abilities. Even if they die and have to start the game over. These games often feature procedurally generated levels, random events, and challenging battles. Replay value and overcoming difficulties are at the heart of this genre.

 TitlePublisherReleasedSteam APP ID:
20XX20XXBatterystaple Games2017322110
A valley without Wind 2A valley without Wind 2Arcen Games, LLC2013228320
A valley without Wind IA valley without Wind IArcen Games, LLC2012209330
ArboriaArboriaAll in! Games2021924070
Blade AssaultBlade AssaultNEOWIZ20221367300
Bloody SpellBloody Spell艺龙游戏2019992300
Book of DemonsBook of DemonsThing Trunk2018449960
City of BrassCity of BrassUppercut Games Pty Ltd2018301840
Conan Chop ChopConan Chop ChopFuncom20221061880
Conglomerate 451Conglomerate 4511C Entertainment20201022710
Cultist SimulatorCultist SimulatorWeather Factory2018718670
Darkest Dungeon®Darkest Dungeon®Red Hook Studios2016262060
Dead Age 2Dead Age 2Headup Games2021951430
Dead CellsDead CellsMotion Twin2018588650
DEATHLOOPDEATHLOOPBethesda Softworks LLC20221252330
Destiny or FateDestiny or FateGameNet2019919220
Don’t Starve TogetherDon’t Starve TogetherKlei Entertainment2016322330
Double DamnationDouble DamnationThe Yellow Architect20221015190
Dungelot: Shattered LandsDungelot: Shattered LandstinyBuild2016403940
Dungeon of the Endless™Dungeon of the Endless™SEGA2014249050
Dungeon Rushers: Crawler RPGDungeon Rushers: Crawler RPGGoblinz Studio2016429620
DungreedDungreedTEAM HORAY2018753420
Eagle IslandEagle IslandScreenwave Media2019681110
Enter the GungeonEnter the GungeonDevolver Digital2016311690
For The KingFor The KingCurve Games2018527230
HadesHadesSupergiant Games20201145360
Hand of FateHand of FateDefiant Development2015266510
Hand of Fate 2Hand of Fate 2Defiant Development2017456670
Hero SiegeHero SiegePanic Art Studios Ltd.2014269210
Heroes of HammerwatchHeroes of HammerwatchCrackshell2018677120
Immortal RedneckImmortal RedneckCrema2017595140
Invisible Inc.Invisible Inc.Klei Entertainment2015243970
Iratus: Lord of the DeadIratus: Lord of the DeadDaedalic Entertainment2019807120
Juicy RealmJuicy RealmX.D. Network Inc.2018732370
Kill to CollectKill to CollectHandyGames2016241760
Killing RoomKilling RoomAlda Games s.r.o.2016407560
King Arthur: Knight’s TaleKing Arthur: Knight’s TaleNeocoreGames20211157390
Leap of FateLeap of FateClever Plays2016363420
Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management SimulationLobotomy Corporation | Monster Management SimulationProject Moon2018568220
Loop HeroLoop HeroDevolver Digital20211282730
Loot RascalsLoot RascalsHollow Ponds2017443880
Monster SlayersMonster SlayersDigerati Distribution2017496620
MorphbladeMorphbladeSuspicious Developments2017494720
NEOVERSENEOVERSETinogames Inc.2020994220
NongünzNongünzSindiecate Arts2017633130
One Way HeroicsOne Way HeroicsAGM PLAYISM2014266210
Rampage KnightsRampage KnightsRake in Grass2015314410
ReignmanReignmanHangzhou Winturn Network & Technology Co., Ltd.2018832380
ReturnalReturnalSony Interactive Entertainment, Inc.20231649240
RicoRicoRising Star Games2019656700
Risk of RainRisk of RainChucklefish2013248820
Road RedemptionRoad RedemptionTripwire Interactive, LLC2017300380
RoboquestRoboquestRyseUp Studios2020692890
Rogue LordsRogue LordsNacon20211069690
Skul: The Hero SlayerSkul: The Hero SlayerNEOWIZ20201147560
Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry GodSorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry GodGhostlight LTD2018836760
Source of MadnessSource of MadnessCarry Castle AB20221315610
Star Traders: FrontiersStar Traders: FrontiersTrese Brothers2017335620
Strike Buster PrototypeStrike Buster PrototypeBD Games20211399590
SUNLESS SEASUNLESS SEAFailbetter Games2015304650
Sunless SkiesSunless SkiesFailbetter Games2017596970
Tainted Grail: ConquestTainted Grail: ConquestAwaken Realms Digital20211199030
Tesla ForceTesla Force10tons Ltd20201149710
The Serpent RogueThe Serpent RogueTeam17 Digital Ltd20221453790
The SwindleThe SwindleSize Five Games2015369110
Tribes of MidgardTribes of MidgardGearbox Publishing, LLC2021858820
VaganteVaganteNuke Nine2018323220
Vicious Attack Llama ApocalypseVicious Attack Llama ApocalypseRogueCode (PTY) LTD2018659110
Zombie PartyZombie PartyPeach Pie Productions2016384500