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Avast - eine unverbesserliche Datensau
Deutsch 2022-04-19

Avast - an incorrigibly data parasite

Since the last test of Avast products has moved a little time into the country. Reason enough to stop by again and test the Avast One Essentials software.

Malwarebytes lügt und gibt vorsätzlich False/Positive Meldungen heraus
Multilanguage 2023-09-14

Malwarebytes lies and deliberately issues false/positive messages

Malwarebytes is a widely used anti-virus and anti-malware program from Malwarebytes Inc. The software includes an integrated mechanism that can assess the hosts file as malicious. These misleading messages from malwarebytes refer to the presence of supposedly unauthorized versions where entries are present in the hosts file.

Datenausverkauf bei Avast
Deutsch 2022-04-08

Data Sales at Avast

In January 2020, it emerged that Avast misused customer data and sold data from a total of 435 million active users to various companies. This affected approx. 100 million devices

Tracking und Datenklau durch Avast
Deutsch 2022-04-08

Tracking and data theft by Avast

In addition to a function in Avast Internet Security that records all user steps (which menu has been clicked, what action has been taken?), there are other things in Avast's software that, point out with a large logo within their program how they "protect our privacy". In this sense, consumers are simply lied to.

Kaspersky Internet Security sperrt Webseite und hosts
Deutsch 2019-12-15

Kaspersky Internet Security blocks website and hosts

Malwarebytes Telemetrie
Deutsch 2019-09-22

Malwarebytes Telemetry