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EnglishBatch - Clearing clipboard data

Batch - Clearing clipboard data

Eingetragen: 06.09.2023

The clipboard function is a useful tool in Windows that allows users to copy text or files and paste them into different places in the operating system. When handling sensitive data, it may sometimes be advisable to empty the clipboard to ensure security and/or privacy.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Open the text editor
Use any text editor on your Windows computer, such as Notepad. Right-click the Notepad shortcut and choose Run as Administrator to ensure that you have the necessary permissions to delete the clipboard.

Step 2: Create the batch file
Enter the following batch code into the text editor:

 @echo off
echo Delete the clipboard...
echo | set /p = | clip
echo The clipboard has been deleted successfully!

Step 3: Save the file
Click on "File" and select "Save As." Enter a name for the batch file, followed by the .bat file extension. For example: "DeleteClipboard.bat." Make sure to use the .bat file extension so that Windows recognizes the file as an executable batch file.

Step 4: Run the batch file
Double-click the created batch file to run it. When prompted, click Yes to confirm that the file is running. The batch file will delete the contents of your clipboard and display a confirmation message.

Be sure to use this batch file wisely as it will delete all the contents of your clipboard. Make sure you have nothing important on the clipboard before running the file.

You can also convert this batch file to a shortcut and place it on your desktop or in any folder to quickly access the clipboard deletion feature.



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