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Batch - Leeren der Zwischenablage
Multilanguage 2023-09-06

Batch - Clearing clipboard data

The clipboard function is a useful tool in Windows that allows users to copy text or files and paste them into different places in the operating system. When handling sensitive data, it may sometimes be advisable to empty the clipboard to ensure security and/or privacy.

Python - Metadaten löschen
Multilanguage 2023-09-26

Python - Delete Metadata

Python Script: A small Python script for removing metadata in images. Various image formats are taken into account. After a run, there is a summary of how much space was saved by removing the metadata.

Python - Bilder & Metadaten
Multilanguage 2023-08-25

Python - Pictures & Metadata

Python Script: A small Python script to resize JPG images and remove metadata at the same time Whether you want to change only a handful or hundreds of images at a time, with the script it works in a quick run. Size values and path must of course be adjusted as required.

Python - Steamspiele extrahieren
Multilanguage 2023-08-24

Python - Extract Steamgames

Python Script: The script has the task of extracting data from the previously saved game list of your own Steam account and writing it to a text file. Extracted titles are sorted alphabetically and the created file is given a date. For large collections, this can be helpful to keep an eye on your own titles and DLCs.