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Die dunkle Seite der Videospiele
Multilanguage 2023-09-12

The dark side of videogames

Video games have undergone an astonishing development over the past decades and have become a billion dollar industry. Behind this is a shadow industry characterized by increasing data collection, intransparency and the permanent erosion of digital self-determination. In order to give a better understanding of data collection in games, this article will take a closer look at some of [ ... ]

Windows Game Bar spioniert
Multilanguage 2023-09-10

Windows Game Bar spies

Microsoft Windows 11 is known for numerous tracking services and privacy-related mechanics. This also includes the Xbox Game Bar which activates itself in the background in various games and contacts the Microsoft servers.

Spiele Dying Light 2 offline
English 2022-09-12

Play Dying Light 2 offline

The product comes along with few consumer unfriendly mechanisms like Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM, EOS (Epic Online Service) and Techlands own services. Without knowledge it's more or less impossible to play Dying Light 2 offline.

Leichtsinnige Verwendung von Cracks
Multilanguage 2023-09-06

Careless use of cracks

Many know them, many use them. But if you ask someone, it was always the others;] We're talking about so-called cracks. Cracks are modified files from digital applications such as programs or games in which copy protection mechanisms have been reset or modified (e.g. by reverse engineering) so that any serial number works. I don't want to go into where you can get cracks or even re [ ... ]