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SteamStub DRM
Multilanguage 2023-03-24

SteamStub DRM

SteamStub is a type of DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology developed by Valve Corporation, the company behind the popular video game distribution platform Steam. The purpose of SteamStub is to protect games from piracy by encrypting game files and preventing unauthorized access.

Steam Data Suite
Multilanguage 2023-03-11

Steam Data Suite

Steam Data Suite is a third-party software tool designed for developers and publishers to help them analyze and understand their games' performance and player behavior on the Steam platform. The software offers a wide range of features, including real-time analytics, data visualization, player segmentation, and custom event tracking. It also provides detailed insights into player behavi [ ... ]

Änderungen Unity Telemetrie
Multilanguage 2023-02-21

Changes of Unity Telemetry

Unity Technologies uses various telemetry and data collection techniques in its engine. In the past, different servers were addressed worldwide, depending on the location of the users. Recently there have been some address changes.

Steamcloud Uploads blockieren
Multilanguage 2023-02-13

Blocking Steamcloud Uploads

The Steam Cloud automatically stores data of its own games on the Steam servers. The cloud is a function of Steam that accompanies player from the beginning in the background and many users, especially new ones do not even know that there is something. A significant disadvantage of this automatic solution for data uploads is that users have neither control over uploaded content nor a [ ... ]

Zurücksetzen der hosts Datei
Multilanguage 2022-12-13

Resetting the hosts file

Resetting the hosts file can be done easily in a few steps. To edit the hosts file you need a normal text editor. Other tools are not necessary.

Adobe Cloud Cleaner entfernt hostseinträge
Multilanguage 2022-09-15

Adobe Cloud Cleaner deletes host entries

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner is a program for users who want to clean up their installation directories. What sounds good at first moment can nevertheless bring some problems with it.

Spiele Dying Light 2 offline
English 2022-09-12

Play Dying Light 2 offline

The product comes along with few consumer unfriendly mechanisms like Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM, EOS (Epic Online Service) and Techlands own services. Without knowledge it's more or less impossible to play Dying Light 2 offline.

Leichtsinnige Verwendung von Cracks
Multilanguage 2023-09-06

Careless use of cracks

Many know them, many use them. But if you ask someone, it was always the others;] We're talking about so-called cracks. Cracks are modified files from digital applications such as programs or games in which copy protection mechanisms have been reset or modified (e.g. by reverse engineering) so that any serial number works. I don't want to go into where you can get cracks or even re [ ... ]

Steam Datagram Relay
Multilanguage 2023-01-30

Steam Datagram Relay

Some games on the Steam platform connect to specific IPv4 addresses as soon as they are initialized. Often dozens in one go and some users may wonder why and where their own game requires an internet connection. Behind the connections is the Steam Datagram Relay (SDR). What's with it?

Das Steamoverlay ist ein Mittel zum Zweck wenn es um Anwendermonitoring geht.
English 2022-04-26

The Steam overlay is a means to an end for active user tracking

The Steam overlay is a means to an end for active user tracking. Users are defenselessly at the mercy when they use the overlay in Steam. Depending on the type of in-game mechanics, the system can be abused for advertising campaigns and data collection. In addition, the overlay has something against active keystroke encryption