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Windows Game Bar spioniert
Multilanguage 2023-09-10

Windows Game Bar spies

Microsoft Windows 11 is known for numerous tracking services and privacy-related mechanics. This also includes the Xbox Game Bar which activates itself in the background in various games and contacts the Microsoft servers.

Batch - Leeren der Zwischenablage
Multilanguage 2023-09-06

Batch - Clearing clipboard data

The clipboard function is a useful tool in Windows that allows users to copy text or files and paste them into different places in the operating system. When handling sensitive data, it may sometimes be advisable to empty the clipboard to ensure security and/or privacy.

Leichtsinnige Verwendung von Cracks
Multilanguage 2023-09-06

Careless use of cracks

Many know them, many use them. But if you ask someone, it was always the others;] We're talking about so-called cracks. Cracks are modified files from digital applications such as programs or games in which copy protection mechanisms have been reset or modified (e.g. by reverse engineering) so that any serial number works. I don't want to go into where you can get cracks or even re [ ... ]

Kekse sind eine Lüge
Deutsch 2022-04-18

Cookies are a lie

Cookies, commonly known as cookies, are components of websites that can be used to store user settings. Countless service providers use cookies to create cross-platform user profiles and to spy on users. Political regulations fall into the void.

Gefahr durch Malvertising
Deutsch 2022-04-18

Risk of malvertising

Malwaretising (malware & advertising) means malicious advertising for the distribution of malware or other things without the need for user action. In short, users do not need to actively click on a link to, for example, capture computer viruses or load advertising campaigns and trackers. Criminals and advertisers alternatively rely on manipulated search results to guide users to clicks.

Schutz vor bösartigen Angriffen auf Webservern
Deutsch 2022-01-01

Protect against malicious attacks on web servers

In the meantime, the Internet (if you want to call it that), the war scene and to have an own wesite may not easy to operate. The article is a reminder that you should always look at server logs and keep your own systems up to date. These pages also provide an IP list of malicious searches that can help intercept a small portion of these attacks. Again and again, the Tor Browser/ExitNode [ ... ]

Windows Sandbox aktivieren
Multilanguage 2023-09-06

Activate Windows sandbox

Since version 18305 of Windows 10, there is the possibility to use an in-house sandbox solution from Microsoft. Unfortunately, this is only available for owners of the Windows PRO version and up.

Ändern der eigenen Mac-Adresse
Deutsch 2022-04-22

Change Your Mac Address

In the regular program area, the Mac address is often used by companies as an identifier in order to generate a one-time serial number for the respective product, which can be compared depending on the manufacturer in constant online contact. The combination between Mac address/IP or other concatenated data is not only worrying, but is also a found feeding for any service provider that has [ ... ]