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Steam BootStrapper Befehle
Multilanguage 2023-03-29

Steam BootStrapper Commands

The steam.cfg file is a Steam software configuration file that allows users to change and customize Steam settings before the client software starts. In the steam.cfg file, various commands can be used to enable or disable certain features of Steam. These commands are called BootStrapper commands and can be used to control the behavior of Steam in different situations and according t [ ... ]

Steam Client-Updates blockieren
Multilanguage 2023-03-28

Block Steam client updates

One of the most obvious issues on Steam are the client's forced updates. You will learn how to prevent unwanted updates in a few steps. In many cases, unexpected updates are carried out, which, to the annoyance of the users, output a wide variety of errors. This means that certain features only work to a limited extent or no longer at all and in the worst case the client is unusable or [ ... ]

Steam UGC (User generated content)
Multilanguage 2023-03-25

Steam UGC (User generated content)

The UGC feature on Steam allows users to upload their own content such as mods, skins and cards for different games. This content can be downloaded and used by other players to expand or customize the gaming experience. Steam also provides tools and features for developers to integrate the UGC service into their games, thus encouraging the creation and use of user-generated content.

SteamStub DRM
Multilanguage 2023-03-24

SteamStub DRM

SteamStub is a type of DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology developed by Valve Corporation, the company behind the popular video game distribution platform Steam. The purpose of SteamStub is to protect games from piracy by encrypting game files and preventing unauthorized access.

Steam Data Suite
Multilanguage 2023-03-11

Steam Data Suite

Steam Data Suite is a third-party software tool designed for developers and publishers to help them analyze and understand their games' performance and player behavior on the Steam platform. The software offers a wide range of features, including real-time analytics, data visualization, player segmentation, and custom event tracking. It also provides detailed insights into player behavi [ ... ]

Steamcloud Uploads blockieren
Multilanguage 2023-02-13

Blocking Steamcloud Uploads

The Steam Cloud automatically stores data of its own games on the Steam servers. The cloud is a function of Steam that accompanies player from the beginning in the background and many users, especially new ones do not even know that there is something. A significant disadvantage of this automatic solution for data uploads is that users have neither control over uploaded content nor a [ ... ]

Steam Datagram Relay
Multilanguage 2023-01-30

Steam Datagram Relay

Some games on the Steam platform connect to specific IPv4 addresses as soon as they are initialized. Often dozens in one go and some users may wonder why and where their own game requires an internet connection. Behind the connections is the Steam Datagram Relay (SDR). What's with it?

Das Steamoverlay ist ein Mittel zum Zweck wenn es um Anwendermonitoring geht.
English 2022-04-26

The Steam overlay is a means to an end for active user tracking

The Steam overlay is a means to an end for active user tracking. Users are defenselessly at the mercy when they use the overlay in Steam. Depending on the type of in-game mechanics, the system can be abused for advertising campaigns and data collection. In addition, the overlay has something against active keystroke encryption

Einblick in die Chat & Textfilter von Steam
Deutsch 2020-09-19

Insight into Steam's Chat & Text Filters

Since 12 June 2020, Valve Corporation has turned various text filters on the Steam platform in the background. Furthermore, an experiment is underway in the so-called Steam laboratories for chat and text filters (external link) which are intended to hide frequently used obscenities and insults in the chat. The service is now firmly anchored in the client and when browsing for news a (pro [ ... ]