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Block Windows update

Eingetragen: 15.08.2019 Editiert: 26.12.2022

Microsoft Windows
With Windows 10, Microsoft Corporation has largely taken control of its own operating system from users and is delighting people (among many other things) with forced updates that cannot be switched off in the regular way.

In addition to the loss of your own control, the inability of the company has a disadvantageous effect if you have to be afraid during every update that your own system has been shot up, settings have been overwritten or can no longer be started.

Harassing users with forced updates has not changed in Windows 11 either.

Abyssus abyssum invocat
One mistake entails the other.

Smaller and larger errors are part of almost every Windows update. Starting with blue screens, destroyed hard drive sectors, information and data loss, deactivation of software and much more, using Windows can quickly become an adventure these days.

Since Windows has now degenerated into a "Software as a Service (SaaS)" product, users have also been deprived of various rights and functions at the same time.

In return, we always get renewing and woeing spyware, superfluous functions, system instabilities or the update compulsion. Users are therefore no longer able to deactivate updates, but only to pause them. From the outset, there is no way to stop the independent behavior of the update intervals.

Block Windows updates with the hosts

As always on these pages, the hosts file helps us at this point, because with a few entries, the whole update horror has an end.

Windows updates are blocked with the entries via hosts.

Blocked Windows Updates hosts

Attention: Bing is involved because Microsoft places advertising through this service and makes constant callbacks to Redmont. This starts with location recording (weather service), search engine advertising, data transfer to the Microsoft network and much more.

Users who do not want to live without the Bing search engine must deactivate or delete the entry and have do deal with it to be spied and tracked permanently.

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