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About is looking for developers and publishers who are interested in writing a guest article for this site.

Content should fit to the site and describe used analytics and tracking mechanisms in own products or in dealing with the same in order to bring interested users closer to the behavior of their purchased software and to build further trust to customers through transparency. The chance that you will find more buyers for your products by being open with customers is very high.

If you are interested in presenting yourself or your company with an article and a selected product from your portfolio, please use the contact form or write an E-Mail.

Target audience: The content is aimed at all people who want to know what is going on their own devices (desktop and mobile)
Your benefits:
      Describe your company and/or product
      Published content is seen by a cross-platform international readership
      Attract new customers
      Preparation and implementation of your content
      You can submit your own product changes directly via support