Analytics and tracking are everyone's business

In recent years, many companies have expanded their reach into almost every aspect of our lives, and this also applies to the world of video games. With the introduction of game analytics, developers can now gather detailed information about the gaming behavior of their users, such as the time it takes for certain actions, the success rate for certain challenges and the preferred ways of playing. This data can be used to improve the gaming experience, but also for targeted advertising or even to manipulate gaming behavior.

However, not only companies are interested in this data, government agencies such as the NSA have also shown interest in it. In 2013, it was revealed by the Snowden Leaks that the NSA oversaw Blizzard Entertainment's gaming platforms, including World of Warcraft. Chat logs and other user data were recorded. Similar allegations have also been made against other gaming platforms such as Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

This controversy shows how easy it is for government agencies to gain access to user data collected by technology companies. The use of game analytics has also raised privacy concerns, as many users may not be aware of what data is being collected about them and how it is being used. However, there are also positive aspects of game analytics as they can help developers develop better games and gain a better understanding of their users.

Viki Spotter: Around The World


Released: 2018

Help the inquisitive girl Viki Spotter to find all the differences and discrepancies in the pictures, which she saw while traveling around the globe.

It is important that players are aware of the risks and carefully read companies "privacy policies before giving their consent to data collection. It is also important that regulators take steps to ensure that companies handle their customers "data responsibly and respect users" privacy and property rights.