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Site Description

  1. Purpose of this website
  2. A principle of trust
  3. Why so little amount of games?
  4. Site related and Host history
  5. Product Search for Spyware in Software
  6. Host Files, Templates and Ipv4/6
  7. False Positive warnings
  8. Contact, Support & official Repository
  9. Copyright & License

Welcome and translation status

If you have discovered this page, it means you made a step forward to protect yourself in the internet.

Unfortunately most site content is written in german language. A (browser) translator will be necessary for some things. International content as well as UI changes will follow step by step as soon as current basic work is completed.

Already translated
  1. Main page = 100%
  2. Downloads = 100%
  3. Metadata = 100%
  4. Donations and Contact = 100%
  5. Product search = WIP
  6. Site navigation = 100%
  7. Featured random products = 100%
There won't be a complete 100% translation of this site but i will translate as much as i can so that international visitors should be able to find their way around.

Game analytics, Tracking, exposed or unnecassary connections:

One of the main goals of this page is explain and collect spyware and tracker mechanics from games and regulary software in these days to illustrate to people what is running on their own devices in the background because there is a huge lack of transparency in this business.

Tied with background connections, pictures, examples, article around host entries and involved companies and Gaming-Clients this this project want to enhance privacy of customers and want to give them more control over own products.

All published stuff around here from consumers is often self-evident taken by a industry and i want to show some easy ways to secure your devices with so called host files. They are easy to use, to maintain and to handle, even for persons without much knowledge. Host files can be used to protect/enhance your privacy while playing games on your favourite devices, block advertising, malicious content using programs or browsing the internet.

A principle of trust

The main thing is trust in this business. It only brings frustration on both sides when products are not reasonably labeled with terms of use and data protection agreements. Products secretly collect data that users have no power over. In the meantime, some developers have been made aware of their own gaming behavior and various games have been changed by writing reviews so that users can now benefit from privacy settings and more prudent actions.

This, of course, benefits both sides again.

Why so little amount of games?

I have to buy and verify each game/program by my own and i don't get free copys for my reviews. It should be clear that this is expensive and time-consuming work. Compared to e.g. SteamDB or other sites, GameIndustry.eu is an independent and autonomous database.

Site related changes and Host history

All news and changes to the site and hosts can be found unter: News

On this page there are several functions that allow interested parties to see what is active in their programs.
One of them is the product search with now games and programs which is continuously extended.

It's possible to search for publisher, product titles, Steam App Id's and game related exe files for Desktop games.

Regulary software and android games are captured too, but there are only about 100 results in total. The main part can be found in the host files.
More can be seen under statistics.

Are entries out of date or is something missing? See contact details.

Host Files and Templates:

The intentional core of GameIndustry.eu - All published host files can enhance your privacy and blocks spyware, malware, advertising, referals, trojans and more. The entries work system-wide and across devices. Protect yourself, use it as adblock or security line to keep tracking during gaming sessions, gaming-clients, programs or browsing the wwww away from you.

All files are published under the main site and have additionally been published on Github and Codeberg (see Contact & Support).

Actually 14 different templates are published to block several services. From games and gaming-clients, websites advertising, tracking, operating systems like Windows 10 or 11, programs of any kind or to keep devices like Amazon Alexa silent.

Look through what you need for your own needs.

Ipv4 & Ipv6

More additional stuff?

Because some people asked me why, here's an info about noted addresses in the files. IP-addresses are added for completation and as bonus to show the whole package for each product or site. It's necessary sometimes to have them, because software can phone home directly via the ip addresses. If you can use it, block associated IPv4/6 a firewall. If not, simply delete or ignore them. Your choice.

The host file ignores Ipv4/6 entries. Thats why they are commented.

Because of my system to show consumers connections for EACH product and whats in their game or regulary software, a few problems cannot be avoided. Which ones? The following section clarifies it.

False positive warnings

One warning from some snakeoil software, especially Kaspersky Internet Security. Visiting my sites can cause a false positive warning with \"Trojan.Win32.Hosts2.gen\" message.

That's wrong. Why? F-Secure (external source) delivers an easy answer.
This detection is designed to flag hosts files with multiple entries that point to a single IP address or IP block. This is a characteristic of many trojans, which modify the hosts file to facilitate communications with a malicious remote server.
Should be self explained. Since on this page connections per product are shown, such a thing cannot be avoided. Kaspersky was informed several times but there is no real solution. To watch entries or download files an exception is necassary. As well for editing the hosts on the own device. But that's a general topic. No site related ;]

Windows Defender is marking the hosts as unwanted modified program (Win32/HostsFileHijack) since Windows 10 version 2004. The only way to deal with it, is to create an exception rule. I explained some details on the F.A.Q. site (german language as all other stuff around here).

Microsoft Corporation doesn't like to see their Windows 10 Spyware blocked. And i have published few hundred nosy entries. Of course such host files are unwanted programs. Or in other words, it's a simple conflict of interest ;]

Contact & Support:

Missing or wrong entries? One product/service doesn't work? Requests or do you have any ideas or questions?

Website & Support: GameIndustry.eu and Contact Site
Steam Group & Support: Spyware in Spielen? Nein danke! (external source)
Official Source Repository: GitHub and Codeberg (external sources)

Source Web: All published hosts files coming from www.gameindustry.eu with subdomain www.gameindustry.de
License: Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (external source) for published host files

Unless otherwise stated, all content is protected by copyright gameindustry.eu

Different sources:
GameIndustry.eu is the original source of published host files. If the files (or components) are from somewhere else (maybe modified), they are not from me and get no support.

All contents (code, article, pictures, reviews & texts and snippets) of the page itself GameIndustry.eu and GameIndustry.de is protected. Should anyone breach it, I will reserve myself further steps. If someone accidentally stumbles across entries of mine that do not refer to my site and have a different copyright, I ask for a short feedback.

I publish and making data available free for anyone. So it is all the more regrettable that thiefs and imposters like "Chef-Koch" rewrite the lists and publish under their own name without source or reference.