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Added: 26.03.2023 
Above Snakes: Prologue

In the prologue of Above Snakes, you awake in a destroyed settlement and help the survivors rebuild it. After that, expand the world with world pieces, craft, farm, hunt, build a base, and fight to find out more about what happened.

Product details
Steam APP ID: 2209150
Age rating:Released from 12 years according to § 12 JuSchG
Publisher: Crytivo
File version: 2022.1.0.9261453
Version: 1.0.1-prologue build1
Tags:Sandbox, Crafting, OpenWorld
Website Publisher: Crytivo
Services / Technology


  •   Unity SDK: 2021.2.4f1

 Above Snakes: Prologue Analysis

 File/s & Hashes (SHA1):

  Above Snakes.exed4d56037078ec540dd6c6407eb2bae165b7f375c
  UnityCrashHandler64.exe 852c5da03560103201e5e91aaa851adfe3d85226

 IPv4/6 Addresses,,