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Added: 19.07.2021 
Guardians of Greyrock

A tactical, turn-based high-fantasy adventure card game like no other. Take charge of an elite party of heroes to search out and purge the realm of darkness. Save the ailing Kingdom of Greyrock... in this life or from beyond death itself!

Product details
Steam APP ID: 1217550
Publisher: Dark Illusions Entertainment, LLC
File version: 2018.2.11.3718525
Version: 1.07
Tags:Strategie, Indie, Casual
Website Publisher: No data
Productpage: No data


  •   Unity SDK: u2018.2.11f1

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  Guardians Of Greyrock.exe026a4b7b1939804422b9d5abbd818f71a08e6691
  UnityCrashHandler64.exe fb96805a97dc6cce25d50f2ef8696f94260117bf

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