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Added: 17.03.2023   Edited: 30.03.2023
Last Epoch

Uncover the Past, Reforge the Future. Ascend into one of 15 mastery classes and explore dangerous dungeons, hunt epic loot, craft legendary weapons, and wield the power of over a hundred transformative skill trees. Last Epoch is being developed by a team of passionate Action RPG enthusiasts

Product details
Steam APP ID: 899770
Publisher: Eleventh Hour Games
File version: 2019.4.40.50731
Version: Beta 0.9G2
Tags:Hack and Slash, Adventure, Multiplayer, Fantasy
Website Publisher: Eleventh Hour Games
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  • Englisch Contract language
  • Microsoft Azure Playfab SDK SDK: UnitySDK-2.156.230109
  •   Unity SDK: 2019.4.40f1
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      UnityCrashHandler64.exe da1916e0542c88a556add8d73b3b85484efaf41a
      Last Epoch.exed756f435e4f6fbfd048a679124ad80645863710c

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