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Added: 28.01.2023 
Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

The ultimate high-tech rubber duck simulation, Placid Plastic Duck brings you dangerous levels of relaxation. With chill music, dreamy 3D graphics, and many different happy ducks, your only priority is to float around. Zero Ducks given.

Product details
Steam APP ID: 1999360
Publisher: turbolento games
File version: 2020.3.37.9201280
Tags:Physik, 3D, Farbenfroh
Website Publisher: No data
Productpage: No data

 Placid Plastic Duck Simulator Analysis

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  UnityCrashHandler64.exe c2bfe727baf1bd85093fd9505d7d0f2d99eca688
  Placid Plastic Duck Simulator.exe26697c29d7da94e280def5b1d13e1e1b1d9520ae

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