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Added: 02.04.2023 
AbsentedAge2:アブセンテッドエイジ2 ~亡霊少女のローグライクアクションSRPG -依代の章- Demo

A ghost girl recovers her true self and her bonds with her schoolmates through her adventures in DRIFTWORLD. This game is the consecutive mixture of ARPG and tactical RPG in roguelike dungeons with the seamless, rapid and stress-free gameplay.

Product details
Steam APP ID: 2184670
Publisher: terunon’s Lab
File version: 0.47.1
Version: 221
Tags:JRRG, Anime, Roguelike, Demo
Website Publisher: No data
Productpage: No data


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  •  AbsentedAge2:アブセンテッドエイジ2 ~亡霊少女のローグライクアクションSRPG -依代の章- Demo Analysis

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