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Added: 02.04.2023 
Bread & Fred Demo

Grab your best bud for help in this new co-op challenge to help two adorable penguins, Bread and Fred, reach the top of the snowy summit. Time your jumps, cling to walls and swing across gaps to see how far you can make it before you tumble all the way back down the mountain.

Product details
Steam APP ID: 1763200
Publisher: Apogee Entertainment
File version: 2020.3.9.1084391
Tags:COOP, Platform, 2D, Pinguine
Website Publisher: No data

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  UnityCrashHandler32.exe 764acde42a8804218eafa5881b70328647b10dbe
  UnityCrashHandler64.exe a68a9de542a2667a1822fb11fc1b5fbea7fe5726

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