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Online conduct

Q: What is the online conduct?

In general online behavior, there are rules of conduct just like in normal life. As site operator, i have to ensure that some things are adhered to.

The rules apply for people to exchange ideas, contribute to the topic and to ensure an appropriate climate on these sites.


Q: Is registration required?

No. If no credentials are stored, they cannot be lost.

Q: Can all users comment?

Yes. However, anyone who violates the rules will be deprived of the right to comment.

Q: What comments are not allowed?

  1. Posts that have nothing to do with the respective article or distract from the topic
  2. Racist, sexist or otherwise inhumane content
  3. Insults and threats against authors or other persons
  4. Spam and advertising of any kind
  5. SEO contributions
  6. Attack server
  7. Violate applicable laws or regulations

Q: My comment doesn't show up?

Comments are moderated and only visible when they are released. Spam entries and comments that violate the rules will be deleted.