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Q: What about product search?

The product search on these pages is an optional feature for consumers that allows them to search for products contained in the hosts files and view them individually. Results are identical, but results provide additional links and information about included services in products

Q: Optional specified services?

The key services available in a product are optionally indicated in the results, so that visitors have the possibility to see on subpages, for example Denvuo Anti-Tamper is good, what the Steam Datagram Relay is and which servers are addressed or what it has on it, for example, with the company Epic Games, Inc.

Timeliness of data

Q: How up-to-date is the data?

The data in the search engine is entered into the database directly after a successful test and compared with the hosts files.

Unfortunately, due to the quantity of products already tested, it cannot be avoided that there are may be old results. Although these are gradually updated, there are neither fixed periods nor specifications as each product is tested individually.

If you have new data about a product or maybe you are even a developer and would like to have it changed, write me about the contact options.

Data Sources

Q: Where did the data come from?

The tested products are owned and purchased via platforms such as Steam, Epic Games, GoG and other distribution platforms. The data are read and processed as far as possible from the various products during the tests.


Q: What technologies do products use?

The services found in the course of tests were processed in various ways and split into main criteria. The results are linked via the product search and summarized in the "Technologies" section.

Limited Offer

Q: Why there is title XY not in the search?

  1. Product XY has no traffic and/or has not been tested
  2. Product XY has not been tested or removed from database

In addition, it has to be considered, almost every game and program represent not insignificant values that want to be paid and every new acquisition probably wants to be considered. Especially since there is no revenue from the project.

Until now, products have been paid mostly from the own pocket.

If you want to support the project, you can send product keys to GameIndustry via the donation page.

Successfully tested products end up in the Database and hosts files that again protect other people from unwanted traffic

This website can be considered independent. Changes to data on platforms such as Steam or the removal of products are not automatically passed on, unlike pages that use this interface, such as SteamDB and comparable offers.