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Product keys and activations

Q: How does the system work?

You have the option to offer unneeded product keys to games or programs you have tested or simply to support via the respective forms.

The products are activated and tested for contained mechanics as well as for out and incoming connections. If the result is positive, hits get an entry in the database and the filter lists, so that everyone benefits from it.

Q: Why should I even support the project?

  1. By providing product keys or submitting entries on spam, advertising, pishing or other dangerous sites to gameindustry, they help other people on the Internet to protect themselves from dangers and to strengthen their own as well as the privacy of other people.
  2. With your help, you can add products to the database that you might like to use yourself and are not in the database but have not yet been able to find.

Q: I want to support the project. Do I need to provide a name?

No. You have the possibility to send product keys without specifying the name. If your title lands in the database with a hit, the respective entry of the supporter page is specified as anonymous.

Q: Which platforms are being tested for?

Primarily for Steam but also for GoG, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment and more. In addition to games, programs for Windows and Android systems are also under scrutiny.

Q: What happens to duplicate product keys?

It may happen that products are already in own possession. If this is the case, the product keys will be donated via the giveaway group "Just for Fun" on Steam

Q: Why not donate money e.g. in the form of Paypal Buttons?

The integration of such mechanisms would call for a change in various legal points. For example, an adaptation of the data privacy-agreement or the integration of cookies. This would violate the overall concept of this website.

More options

Q: I don't have product keys, but still want to help the project

Any help is accepted. This can also be one of the following things

  1. Send the gameindustry entries about advertising, pishing, malware sites and also where they come from, since entries must be traced. Entries can be quickly integrated into the filter lists in order to strengthen the protection of others in the long term and, for example, to minimize the dangers of pishins and account theft or other dangers.
  2. If you have additional information or ideas, e.g. on topics that you miss on these pages, do not hesitate to contact us.