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About Inc. (founded in 1994) is a multinational technology group with a primary focus on cloud solutions, e-commerce, streaming and artificial intelligence.

In 2002, the Amazon Web Service (AWS) was launched. The portfolio includes tools for developers, analytics, blockchain, cloud and marketing strategies, server solutions, machinelearning, robotics and artificial intelligence, big data warehouses and much more.
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 Amazon GameLift

Amazon GameLift is a service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows game developers to provide and manage dedicated server resources to provide multiplayer games. It also provides scalability to adapt to changing player traffic patterns to ensure there are enough server resources available to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

 Corefunctions Amazon GameLift

  1. Multiplayer Game Management: Developers can use Amazon GameLift to deploy and manage dedicated servers to host and run multiplayer games.
  2. Scalability: Amazon GameLift automatically adjusts to changes in player traffic, offering the ability to quickly increase or decrease server capacity to meet demand.
  3. Flexibility: Developers can integrate Amazon GameLift into their game development process to customize their multiplayer games.
  4. Server Infrastructure Management: Amazon GameLift automates server infrastructure management to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

 GameLift Analytics

Amazon GameLift offers multiple interfaces for analytics and big data. Here are some of them

  1. Amazon Kinesis: Amazon GameLift offers the ability to send game streaming data to Amazon Kinesis streams. This allows developers to create custom streaming applications and analytics.
  2. Amazon S3: Developers can use Amazon S3 to store GameLift log files that record game activities and events.
  3. Amazon GameLift integrates with Amazon CloudWatch, a monitoring service that gives developers a comprehensive view of metrics, logs and events in their resources.
  4. Amazon GameLift allows developers to access the log files stored in Amazon S3 using Amazon Athena, an interactive query service that allows users to analyze data in S3 using standard SQL queries.
  5. Amazon Redshift: Amazon GameLift also offers built-in support for Amazon Redshift, a cloud-based data warehouse service that provides developers with a powerful platform to collect, store and analyze data.

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