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AppsFlyer Ltd.


AppsFlyer Ltd. (founded in 2011) is a marketing analytics, monetization, and advertising company with Israeli roots and a current corporate headquarters in San Francisco, America.

Notable investors include Goldman Sachs, Microsoft Corporation, Deutsche Telekom and CVC Capital Partners. The latter can also be found as partners in the analytical platform, - and advertising platform Supersonic from ironSource. In this context, there is also an interface to ironSource, which can be found below in the examples of active connections.

Appsflyers are mainly found in games and programs on mobile devices (Android and iOS as well as Windows Phone).
 Independent company
 100 1st Street, 25th floore San Francisco, California 94105

 Examples with AppsFlyer Ltd.

 Core Functions

  1. Real-time analytics
  2. Personalization and event tracking
  3. Apptracking
  4. Fingerprinting
  5. Advertising networks
  6. Deeplinks
  7. Omnichannel Analytics
  8. Facebook ROI Reports
  9. 360° Insights

 Possible data sets

Data sets extracted from games contain a large number of possible data that can recorded. In addition to the following examples, there are up to 5 dozend other possibilities.
  1. Ip-Address
  2. device name, device model, device identifier
  3. unique persistent user ID
  4. resolution, time zone, language settings
  5. Affiliate/UTM tracking
  6. session data, timestamp, info about performed actions
  7. WIFI / GPS status
  8. Time spent with the product

 Involved Addresses

IPv4 AppsFlyer - 04.03.2023 - CRC32: 50A8C47D
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Sha-256: 0EE8C31778A1264F4AD9AF9938554F8F3920E992A15BEC4CD4598493345683AB

 Additional Info

A widespread tracking service in games and programs on mobile devices that captures extensive user and device data. Very often, AppsFlyer's service can be found alongside up to a dozen other services in countless products.

AppsFlyer in the game Idle Oil Tycoon: Gas Factory Simulator in action.
Collection of device data and usage behavior of the software used (games) can be found on this example image.

  AppsFlyer Tracking

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