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Avalanche Studios Group


Avalanche Studios is a subsidiary of Fatalist Development AB, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was founded in 2003 with a focus on video games with an open game world. Another result is a specially designed engine for "open-world" titles. The Apex Game Engine.

Avalanche Studios Group is divided into Avalanche studios, Expansive Worlds AB and Systemic Reaction, which are also based in Stockholm. Avalanche has been part of Nordisk Film since 2018.
Acquired by:
Nordisk Film
 Västgötagatan 5, 11827 Stockholm, Sweden
 +46 (0)8 6576100


Excessive Tracking in Avalanche Games

In this Generation Zero example Generation Zero, players are spied by in-house trackers throughout the game session. In addition to an active heartbeat function, Avalanche takes the right to record every user action. The products include online coercion, a paywall that was subsequently implemented, as well as a function for displaying advertising.


  Generation Zero Connections

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Second Extinction

In the product Second Extinction Avalanche uses the Playfab service of Microsoft Corporation. In addition to already known gouges, various nagscreens are presented to the player in multiple versions.


  Second Extinction

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 Products by Avalanche Studios Group

 Telemetry & Heartbeats

The telemetry service from Avalanche contains a heartbeat that interposes itself at intervals of 30 seconds. Independently of the other data recording

Data that is collected includes things among others

  1. Product runtime (from to)
  2. Last use and how many days in a row
  3. Timestamp of any action taken
  4. Character playing time, profile playing time
  5. UserID + SteamID (pseudonomized)
  6. Network packets received/lost
  7. Host yes/no
  8. Geodata of users (Ipv4, country, language)
  9. Platform used (e.g. Steam)
  10. Operating system used
  11. Email, nickname, display name
  12. Items used by the player are individually tracked (picked up, discarded, weapon change, name, location, category, quality, quantity)
  13. Changes in game configurations are tracked individually
  14. Experience Points, Ammunition, Quality, Item Categories, Hits, Kills/Killstreak, Secured Regions, Distance Traveled, Completed Regions, Completed Quests, Cleaned Nests, Revived Player Destruction of Machinery Is Subdivided (Machine Destroyed, Destroyed Modules Like Armor, Night Vision, Weapon, infrared lens, echo sounding or XRay), difficulty level, fraction, time of day, hit, killed by whom, damage type, weapon, damage values, level, firing distance, leader or normal unit.
  15. Re/Spawns
  16. Vehicles crafted
  17. Ingameregion, Cooldowns, Weather
  18. Position data of the player with xy coordinates
  19. Specifications of bounties and descriptions
  20. Textures
  21. Advertisement
  22. Difficulty, Missionsids, Health
  23. CPU&GPU Frametime
  24. Camera view
  25. UITime

 Involved Adresses

Avalanche products use a number of different services and platforms. While theHunter: Primal uses the multiplayer functions of Steam, for example, theHunter: Call of the Wild ™ is equipped with the Epic Online Service (EOS for short).

Second Extinction uses Microsoft's Azure Playfab, which is in no way inferior to the Epic Games, Inc. service.

Incidentally, connections are hidden with the help of Cloudflare, Inc. Behind the social components are telemetry services, combined with online coercion without which Avalanche products can only be used to a limited extent. But the term social always sounds better.

IPv4 Avalanche - 22.01.2023 - CRC32: D28B9FEC
Details: IPv4_Avalanche.txt - Filesize: 95.00 B(ytes)
Sha-256: 268D343035DACA88404FFF49A304A15EBE954666D826DD9CB7813BE069C9D89F


A service for Crashlytics (CrashRpt open-source) is also installed with Avalanche products. The Crashsender is active before consumers have the chance to agree to or reject the transmission. Let alone be properly informed at all.

The Files should be deleted without hesitation. Do not forget to create a backup before.

  1. CrashSender1403.exe
  2. CrashRptProbe1403.dll
  3. CrashRpt1403.dll
  4. crashrpt_lang.ini

The deletion of CrashRpt is also a part of the Spywarecleaner, which is offered on these sites. Delete unwanted files without much effort from your hd and enhance your privacy

 Code Examples

   "articles" : [
         "KeyContent" : 0,
         "KeyHeader" : 0,
         "big_image" : "",
         "category" : "",
         "content" : "",
         "created_at" : "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
         "header" : "Eastern European Weapons Pack - Out Now!",
         "icon" : "",
         "\links" : [ "store:weapons_russia_02" ],
         "project" : "cataclysm",
         "small_image" : "",
         "status" : "DRAFT"


    "name": 1177317592,
    "amount": 3,
    "equipment_category": 2301161917,
    "tags": "1177317592;1177317592;3699666417;3860160743",
    "quality_level": 1,
    "region": 2277132618,
    "location": 1373279775,
    "source": 4


   "account_id" : "TEMPORARY_ACCOUNT",
   "active_play_time" : 99158,
   "anon_user_id" : 76561199741963613,
   "branch" : "delivery",
   "cause" : 2,
   "character" : 0,
   "character_play_time" : 7102,
   "configuration" : "Final",
   "killer" : 386279566,
   "killer_machine_class" : 16862113,
   "killer_machine_type" : 2027906634,
   "killing_weapon" : 4066547420,
   "killing_weapon_quality" : 0,
   "network_session_uuid" : "ba321385-0e11-489f-a806-0e9d28340d7f",
   "platform" : "Win64",
   "profile_play_time" : 7492,
   "region" : 2277132618,
   "running_time" : 314475,
   "session_uuid" : "d0b1b6b9-04d0-498a-994e-f36524b2af4e",
   "user_id" : "8u0001GC30K0ECK0ZRTBZHS804317B",
   "version" : "Built by: cataclysm-delivery-source-win64-final, P4#:2440855 Jenkins#:284",
   "world" : 0,
   "x" : 3571,000000000000,
   "y" : 1043,000000000000,
   "z" : 2350,000000000000


   "crafting_category" : 14,
   "equipment_id" : 2050144797,
   "equipment_tags" : "2050144797;2050144797;4271727094;759838879",
   "location" : 1373279775,
   "region" : 2277132618,
   "schematic_id" : 2455700782,
   "schematic_quality" : 1,
   "schematic_tags" : "2455700782;2455700782;3965777404;3860160743"