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BuffPanel is a service for PC game publishers to track and market their game growth by assigning sales, measuring conversions and providing marketing analytics.

Buffpanel is a product of Cellense s.r.o. The company has been renamed and is now known as SuperScale s.r.o. The founder is Ivan Trančík. SuperScale scales games & blockchain apps to their maximum potential.

The companies are active in the field of big data for game developers & publishers, monetization, optimization, user acquisition, and advertising.
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SuperScale s. r. o.
 Bottova 7939/2A Bratislava-Staré Mesto, 811 09 Slovakia
 +421 911 415 016

 Products with Buffpanel

 Core Functions

  1. Campaign tracking
  2. Interface for Google TagManager or Facebook Pixel
  3. Interface for the Unity engine
  4. Event tracking
  5. Click tracking
  6. Measurements
  7. Callbacks
  8. Persistant Cookies

 Possible data sets

Data sets extracted from games contain a large number of possible data that can recorded. In addition to the following examples, there are up to 5 dozend other possibilities.
  1. Ip-Address
  2. Timestamp
  3. Steam/AccountID
  4. unique persistent user ID
  5. Capture of installed game content
  6. Product designation and identifiers
  7. Advertisement
  8. IP address
  9. DLC lists
  10. Game tokens

 Involved Addresses

IPv4 Buffpanel - 04.03.2023 - CRC32: 788FA93F
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Sha-256: 7FBD58F58F42CBB19A51D7D5ED75F68B272D215464D44ED73027FB0553A7E795

 Buffpanel in criticism

There are various criticisms regarding Buffpanel, especially regarding data collection and use. Some of the most well-known criticisms are

  1. Lack of transparency: There is limited information about what data Buffpanel collects and how that data is used.
  2. Privacy concerns: There are concerns about the way Buffpanel collects and processes user data. In particular, it is criticized that the service collects information such as user names, e-mail addresses and IP addresses without the users being sufficiently informed.
  3. Unauthorized data collection: There are allegations that in some cases Buffpanel collected user data without user consent.
  4. Security concerns: There are concerns about the security of Buffpanel and the data it collects. In particular, it has been reported that some user data has been stored unencrypted, which can pose a significant security risk.

 Additional Info

Questions and solutions from a business perspective
The picture shows a partial excerpt from a powerpoint presentation by Cellense and the product Buffpanel.

From structural solutions to data collection on issues such as customer recovery and advertising.


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 Data Examples

  POST /run_event/create HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: UnityPlayer/5.3.4f1 (
Accept: */*
Content-type: application/json
X-Unity-Version: 5.3.4f1
Accept-Encoding: identity
Content-Length: 91

"player_token":"76561198113455411", # Steam / AccountID


path 6f3f7da8-851b-11ed-a15c-88381dadfac3
expires Sat, 13 Jan 2091 16:01:26 GMT
max-age 2147483647