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CD Projekt S.A. (founded in 1994) is a holding company which carries out its business through its subsidiaries, whose field of activity is divided into two segments, namely the development and distribution of video games.

For the sale of video games, the subsidiary GOG Sp. z o.o. which operates a distribution platform under the name "Good old Games"

Acquired companies include Spokko Sp. z o.o. (April 20, 2023), Digital Scapes Studios (Mar 30, 2020) as well as Strange New Things (Mar 20, 2018) and The Molasses Flood LLC. (Oct 22, 2021)
 Independent company
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 Products by CD PROJEKT S.A.

 Core functions

With its GoG Galaxy Client, CD Projekt Red S.A. provides a fully functional distribution client for its own sales platform Good old Games. The program is optional. Customers can log in and have access to their account data, the ability to manage, buy, chat and much more.

After all, the launcher is superfluous. Customers should also keep in mind that while the disclosure of data is often "rewarded" with digital extras, what has been entered is rarely reversed.

  1. Game library: The GoG Galaxy Client offers a clear library in which purchased games can be organized and managed.
  2. Automatic updates: The client monitors the games and automatically performs updates
  3. Cross-platform support: Games can be played on different platforms and, thanks to cross-platform support, can be contacted with players from other platforms and scores can be synchronized between different versions of a game.
  4. Offline game mode: GoG games work in offline mode without the need for a permanent internet connection.
  5. Friends list and chat: The client has a friends list, through which other users are added.
  6. Cloud storage: GoG Galaxy offers cloud storage for savegames, so you won't lose your progress even if you're playing on another computer.
  7. Achievements and statistics: Many games on GoG support achievements and statistics
  8. Easy access to bonus content: Bonus content such as soundtracks, wallpapers or digital artbooks. The client provides easier access to these tools.
  9. Built-in settings and configuration: GoG Galaxy often provides settings and configuration options directly in the client to customize the personal gaming experience.

 More services found in CD PROJEKT S.A.'s products

Included third-party services in GoG Galaxy of the website

  1. Rollbar: Error tracking & crash reporting
  2. Siftscience: Fraud prevention & chargeback protection
  3. Doubleclick: Solutions for digital advertising
  4. Google Analytics: Marketing Analytics
  5. Googletagmanager: Solutions for Tag Management
  6. Youtube: Video platform from Google LLC and responsible for tracking
  7. Facebook login function and Facebook tracking
  8. Hotjar: Heat maps, visitor records, conversion funnels

Here, the "legitimate interest" in such a procedure should clearly legitimize again, because according to the quote of the data protection directive there it is called

When you use GOG GALAXY, GOG collects personal and non-personal information about your activities (see examples above). We need to do this to be able to operate GOG GALAXY and offer you its cool features.

In addition to these third-party services, Good old Games itself also collects extensive data. These contain information on usage behaviour (playing time, achievements, contacts), Id's, user names and much more.

GoG also collects data from users in games with GoG functions, even if these are NOT even actively and consciously used by the user himself. Among other things, through various insights and logging queries of individual products in the background.

 Code examples

Neben exzessiver Werbung auf der heimischen und anderen Plattformen findet man im Galaxy-Launcher als auch auf der Webseite diverse Tracker und Monetarisierungsmechaniken die ebenfalls "Cross-Platform" funktionieren. Ein paar davon sind alte Bekannte.>m=2wg7v2NX39DH&cg1=Homepage&cg2=NA&cg3=Other&cd1=en-US&cd2=EUR&cd4=46987966025330999&z=1423955618>m=2wg7v2&ig=1&frm=0&

 Involved Addresses

Especially three trackers are increasingly found in games from free developers who offer their products alongside Steam and other distribution platforms at GoG.

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Further services that are not required for the operation of the website and the products themselves can already be found blocked in the filter lists or Product Search offered on these pages.

 Additional Info

In newer products such as Cyberpunk 2077 the actual product is delivered to end customers with an Launcher, which, in addition to advertising and account binding, has various logging and telemetry functions and transports them from the launcher into the related game. Therefore, users should always start their game directly from the installation directory without a launcher.

Telemetry Spam
Apart from telemetry and account linking, CD Projekt Red's launcher has no added value for consumers. These are animated with digital baits to pass on their data, while a disproportionate number of telemetry queries take place in the background. There are no opt-outs, because data is recorded before users get to see such mechanics.

  Cyberpunk 2077 Telemetriespam

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