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DeltaDNA Limited. (founded in 2010) is a British company focusing on real-time analytics and relationship management solutions "for" players.

The portfolio includes insights with deep-dive data analysis, SmartAds, and player targeting to maximize ad revenue in a game. Examples are F2P games, casino applications and real money games.

Originally known as GameAnalytics Ltd, the company changed its name to deltaDNA Limted in 2014. In 2019, DeltaDNA was acquired by Unity Technologies.
Acquired by:
Unity Technologies
 Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City of, United Kingdom
 44 13 1557 0639

 Products with DeltaDNA

 Core Functions

  1. Monetization
  2. Realtimeanaltics
  3. A/B Tests
  4. Push messages
  5. Funnel-Analytics
  6. (Personalized) Advertising (picture, video and text)
  7. Affiliates
  8. Ad Revenue
  9. Gamer visualization
  10. Data-Mining
  11. Ingame Insight into Transactions and Actions

 Possible data sets

Data sets extracted from games contain a large number of possible data that can recorded. In addition to the following examples, there are up to 5 dozend other possibilities.
  1. Motherboard/Type
  2. Platform used
  3. Unique UserID
  4. Recording of the platform used (e.g. Steam)
  5. SteamID
  6. IP Address
  7. Mac Address
  8. Operating System/Version
  9. User language
  10. User language local
  11. Time zone/timestamp
  12. Monitoring of entire player actions e.g. individual events (e.g. player stay Main menu, Mission 1 etc.)
  13. EventUUID
  14. Currency used/li>
  15. Purchase date
  16. UUID
  17. Installation date
  18. Game difficulty
  19. Userlevel
  20. Selected Characters
  21. MissionsIDS
  22. Mission names
  23. Time spent in a specific menu/screen
  24. Game started/finished
  25. Product launch and end of product

 Involved Addresses

IPv4 deltaDNA - 26.12.2022 - CRC32: AE9B2608
Details: IPv4_deltaDNA.txt - Filesize: 95.00 B(ytes)
Sha-256: 0A1DFB07E234C6601DA4F3721CEDC755BC46F1B2193AFD10957A1DCAA42038A8 # Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales # Governor of Poker 3 # Governor of Poker 3 # Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Portal Power # Arma Tactics # Tropico 6 # Hive Jump # WWE 2K19 # Control: Ultimate Edition


deltaDNA uses the Google Compute Engine (GCE) infrastructure of tech company Google, LLC. for its endpoints.

 Additional Info

The company is based across platforms on the desktop and mobile market. They offer solutions for all major companies and game engines. These include names such as Google, Amazon, IOS, GameMaker, Firebase Cloud and of course Unity Technologies.

In terms of smartphone titles, DeltaDNA background services are far more present than on desktop devices. Especially when it comes to advertising, tracking and monetization.

Thanks to unique IDs and cross-platform real-time analysis, it is possible to create an accurate picture of users.