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Gamesight is a marketing and monetization platform for developers and providers of video games to determine their market value as well as to attract potential "influencers."

According to its own statement, Gamesight processes 1.2 billion data points per day and over 50 million recorded interactions of players per month.

Other services include marketing analytics, data silos, connection to Amazon AWS and cross-platform tracking of content and users. Gamesight is a product of the company Innervate, Inc. by Adam Lieb.
 Independent company
 623 Aloha St., Seattle, Washington, 98109, United States

 Products with Gamesight

 Core functions

  1. Marketing Measurement
  2. Influencer Insights
  3. Campaign Management

 Examples of monitored parameters

  1. Unique UserID
  2. Language settings
  3. Operating system
  4. Resolution
  5. Time zone
  6. Event tracking e.g. game started
  7. Acquisition of the IP address
  8. Currency
  9. Game version
  10. UUID (Unique Identifier)
  11. Revenue values

 Involved Addresses

IPv4 Gamesight - 25.02.2023 - CRC32: E75F6DFD
Details: IPv4_Gamesight.txt - Filesize: 72.00 B(ytes)
Sha-256: BC532DFA7F4505124D4ECCACE430B5518EA45AC3BC05A080EA5071BB94660587