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Google, LLC.


Google LLC (founded in 1998) is an American technology company that feels very much at home on the Internet. The product portfolio includes (personalized) advertising, search engine technology, cloud service/servers and various infrastructures, software, AI, software, hardware and much more.

In 2015, a restructuring took place, resulting in the multinational conglomerate Alphabet, Inc. This now includes Google LLC and several former subsidiaries.
Subsidiary of:
Alphabet, Inc.
 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy Building 43, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
 +1 650-253-0000

 Products with Google, LLC.

  1. Google Analytics (150)
  2. Google TagManager (46)
  3. Google Doubleclick (63)
  4. Google ReCaptcha (3)
  5. Google Breakpad (4)
  6. Google Crashpad (26)

 Core functions Google Crashpad

  1. Capture, save and transmit crash reports and mini-dumps

 Core functions Google TagManager

  1. Tagsystem with the support of Google Analytics and Google Ads

 Core functions Google Doubleclick

  1. Tracking pixels for tracking users
  2. Avoidance of "cross-channel" Redunance
  3. Cross-platform tracking through integration of Adwords Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics

 Involved Adresses

Google Crashpad - 15.01.2023 - CRC32: 358A76D0
Details: Ipv4_GoogleCrashpad.txt - Filesize: 115.00 B(ytes)
Sha-256: 00B0F622E607AAFF393A40CDBB77ABA850B6A1C76439751E5D09B487F1C60F03


Google TagManager - 15.01.2023 - CRC32: D34E7B4E
Details: IPv4_GoogleTagManager.txt - Filesize: 107.00 B(ytes)
Sha-256: 1FE962379F3A734E277C0AF5F53D06AD474F29A02AEE7BB6CB1214F64036FE93


Google Doubleclick - 30.01.2023 - CRC32: 11E41672
Details: IPv4_GoogleDoubleclick.txt - Filesize: 428.00 B(ytes)
Sha-256: FD32A4535B367FEB149D891532DFF9AFF55A8CDA7BFA2B2D844620EFD56CE9FB # NVIdia # Netflix # Impression tracking with redirects to GoogleADS, PageAD, Googlesyndication


Google, LLC uses its own structure under the name ""

The name is composed of a potentiation. The number 10 raised to the power 100 (10100), written out as the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. This number is called "Googol" from which Google derives and thus the domain name used.