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Google, LLC.


Google LLC (founded in 1998) is an American technology company that feels very much at home on the Internet. The product portfolio includes (personalized) advertising, search engine technology, cloud service/servers and various infrastructures, software, AI, software, hardware and much more.

In 2015, a restructuring took place, resulting in the multinational conglomerate Alphabet, Inc. This now includes Google LLC and several former subsidiaries.
Subsidiary of:
Alphabet, Inc.
 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy Building 43, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
 +1 650-253-0000

 App-Measurement & Google Firebase

App measurement is a component of Google Analytics for Firebase Analytics. The service is largely used in mobile applications, e.g. on Android, to report analytics to Firebase from there. The data is highly compressed.

Firebase Analytics itself tracks in real time in mobile applications and games, visualizes crash reports and event streams. In addition to integration into several advertising networks and campaigns, there are functions for push messages and A/B tests. Firebase is linked to BigQuery.

 Core functions App-Measurement

  1. Collect of user information (age, gender, country, language, region, city, currency, interests)
  2. Source device from where related app/game is used
  3. Device identifier (model name, hardware, operating system, advertising ID, language, time zone)
  4. User behavior (time between actions, settings, click/touch behavior)
  5. Event tracking (time stamp, trigger/event name, parameters)
  6. Items, so-called items (Id's, categories, prices, quality, coupon codes, return prices, etc.)
  7. Web browser (host name, browser used, version)
  8. E-commerce (item quality and quantity, sales, refunds, shipping costs, amount of tax, transaction side's)

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