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Mixpanel, Inc.


Mixpanel, Inc., founded in 2009, develops and supplies analysis platforms for mobile and web.

You can analyze users in real time and offer about 30 different functions. According to its own statement, Mixpanel collects up to 9 trillion data records each year.

They also work with Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift
 Independent company
 1 Front St, Floor 28, San Francisco, CA 94111, United States
 +1 415 688 4001

 Products with Mixpanel, Inc.

 Core Functions

Detection of
  1. IP address
  2. Activities
  3. PlayerID
  4. SteamID
  5. Ingame names/nicknames used
  6. Level ranges
  7. Operating system
  8. Desktop/mobile application yes/no
  9. Referrer, domain, used browser (user agent)
  10. Unique identifier
  11. Spatial data (origin of the user)
  12. Start and stop time of the respective product
  13. Playing time in minutes
  14. User position in the game by coordinates
  15. Recorded user action, so-called events e.g. which item was cancelled and where
  16. Capture how users navigate a product
  17. Distinct ID - This is required for cross-platform tracking. Users can be identified with it, whether they now watch a video, open a website, save an item or whatever
  18. Also record of recurring users
  19. unique devicesID
The complete "portfolio" includes about 30 different ways to track and analyze users. So it is also possible with the Live View function to pick out individual users in real time and virtually "watch" their actions.

 Involved Addresses

IPv4 mixPanel - 24.01.2023 - CRC32: C9875F3F
Details: IPv4_MixPanel.txt - Filesize: 139.00 B(ytes)
Sha-256: A95E2DC3F0113D5900D1CBA0B363698C46665B911EABC5EB69B916763B1D79DF


MixPanel uses the Google Compute Engine (GCE) infrastructure of tech company Google, LLC. for its endpoints.

 Additional Infos

Data can be exported to the so-called "data warehouse". Specifically, these are Amazon Redshift, Snowflake and Google BigQuery. Further support is available for Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storarge, Appsflyer, Branch and Optimizely and many other providers