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Mobvista is a Chinese advertising, game analytics, ki programming and marketing group. The company includes GameAnalytics and Mintegral.

Mobvista operates in over 200 countries. They process 100 billion ads per day as well as 20 petabytes of received data that benefits their machine learning training programs.
GameAnalyticsGameAnalytics MintegralMintegral
 43rd and 44th Floor, East Tower of Top Plaza, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China

 Mobvista services

  1. GameAnalytics
  2. Mintegral
  3. Nativex LLC.
  4. Reyun
  5. SpotMax LLC.

 Additional Info

Mobvista is one of the world's leading technology platforms. They have been on the stock market since 2018. Their portfolio includes Nativex, a Marketin agency that takes over game analysis GameAnalytics, which is responsible for advertising and data analysis, as well as the advertising platform Mintegral.

In the domestic market in China, the Reyun range includes advertising and SpotMaxTech, a native cloud architecture platform for BigData.

MobVista Architekture
MobVisita uses Amazon's EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) instances for its own services, which include AdExchange, Datamanagement, DSP and SSP and many more.

  MobVista Architektur

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