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About (founded in 2012) is a US company based in San Francisco, California. With Sentry it is possible to access errors and crashes in real time.

Including the data involved that is required to reprodocate them. Sentry is active in games, regular software, desktop and mobile websites and is used by over 1 million developers.

Sentry is distributed by Functional Software, Inc.
 Independent company
 45 Fremont St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
 +1 855-380-4526

 Products with

 Core Functions

  1. Batch traces
  2. Raw data view
  3. Event history
  4. Performance monitoring
  5. Profiling
  6. Session replay
  7. Feedback
  8. Statistics
  9. Screenshot attachments

 Involved Addresses

IPv4 Sentry - 26.12.2022 - CRC32: 5B2CF7F6
Details: IPv4_Sentry.txt - Filesize: 80.00 B(ytes)
Sha-256: E8047759D4978EA433A9425AF692019C2D39A480625A57B3C38A5C79D541BF63 # Rockstar Games Launcher & Red Dead Redemption # Mafia 3 # Mafia 3 # Godfall Ultimate Edition # Die Gilde 3


Sentry uses the Google Compute Engine (GCE) infrastructure of tech company Google, LLC. for its endpoints.

 Additonal Infos

The Sentry service comes in different versions and is constantly being developed. They are also certified AWS partners and fully configurable for EC2 instances via AMI (Amazon Machine Image). Currently version 7 is up-to-date (as of 14.04.2022). They offer numerous interfaces for currently common languages and engines as well as cross-platform functionality for around 108 platforms.

A difference from different tracking behavior in practice has not been observed so far. Whether game/software or website, the data collection runs according to schema F. Code examples come from a website with implemented Sentry service and from the game Godfall Ultimate Edition.