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Immortal Redneck


Publisher: Armnomads
Released: 2016
Steam ID: 511160
Genre: Indie
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Cubway is a journey with an abstract story of lifecycle of rebirth, called Samsara. Guide the cube through the long way full of dangers and difficulties, visit many interesting and mysterious places.

  Cubway Review


Cubway is a small skill game where users have to navigate through several obstacles in short levels.

What does this product do?

  • Cubway is using Unity Analytics / Google GCE as Endpoint
  • Cubway is using GameAnalytics / AWS Endpoint

Who is running the product?

ArmNomads, LLC

Where are the service providers located?

  • ArmNomads - Yerevan, Armenia
  • Google, LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States
  • [noparse], Inc.[/noparse] - United States, Seattle, 410 Terry Ave N
  • GameAnalytics - 8th Floor, 9 Appold Street, London, EC2A 2AP, United Kingdom
  • Unity Technologies - San Francisco, California, United States

GameAnalytics (GA) was aquired by Mobvista 2016. Their service is realtime-monitoring 2,3 billion active users each month.

What data is collected?

The scope of GA is somewhat larger and interested users should do an own research. At least it's monitoring your Hard/Software, IP, playtime, level sections, keystrokes, demographic data, highscores, used ingame ressources and so on.

Unity Analytics
Unity gets your deviceID, IP, playtime, data of your OS and gaming progress. This behaviour can be seen in mostly every product with Unity-Engine as long as the behavior has not been explicitly disabled by devs.

How is data collected

Unity-Analytics (event-telemetry) during game initialization and between every level/screen
GameAnalytics realtime-monitoring service is doing callbacks back to their API every 6 seconds

Both services are using UUID's (unique user ids) to identify user. Partly cross over platforms.

Is the data confidential or personal?
Personal and accordingly uniquely attributable userdata


A typical data theft. Consumers are not informed and this behaviour is an example how consumers are self-service stores for BigTech.

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