Revised review for Version release 519602 (64-bit)


Don't Starve Together is the sucessor of Klei Entertainments product "Don't Starve". The game itself has been designed as a pure online application with single player parts and comes along with an ingame shop, microtransactions and item baits.

What does this product do?

Who is running the product?

Klei Entertainment

Klei Entertainment was aquired 2021 by Tencent Holdigs (腾讯)

Where are the service providers located?

Steam Overlay

It's used for the additional microtransactions/shop. Users should think about twice before activating this "service" from Valve Corporation.

Why? Because the Steam-Overlay can be and is used as tracking and monitoring tool by several devs

What data is collected?

Everything what you do ingame is tracked and counted. Like a cam next to you, so try smile when you play 😀

Beginning with account data for several platforms or ingame chopped wood, picked up carrots, harvested grass and so on. Which menu you are actually, timestamps, name, items. Well, everything whatever you can interact and use.

How is data collected

Addresses are split into different tasks and something is mixed. Telemetry as example is running on an own domain, but you'll find telemetry in your login area. Already mentioned services constantly exchange data. Telemetry also includes regular callbacks.

Data of a game session prepared and made it available sitesearch

Source: Blocklist+Data example

Is the data confidential or personal?

Personal and accordingly uniquely attributable userdata


Customers should read the EULA   before use/purchase and consider whether they approve of the behavior.

Since the agreement only available in english, the terms of use might even be invalid depending on the country

Thanks for reading :]

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