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Doom Eternal

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks LLC
Released: 2020
Steam ID: 782330
Genre: Shooter
Hosts entries:

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Hell’s armies have invaded Earth. Become the Slayer in an epic single-player campaign to conquer demons across dimensions and stop the final destruction of humanity. The only thing they fear... is you.

  Doom Eternal Review

Doom Eternal from Bethesda Softworks, LLC has a moving history behind when it comes to Denuvo. The Anti-Tamper service of Denuvo has been patched out since the Sept. 5, 2023 and since the first implementation at release, there are still few leftovers of Denuvo Anti-Cheat.

The review has been adapted and updated 08.09.2023.

What does the product do?

  1. Nvidia gets feedback about a launched DLSS game
  2. Windows 11 users have to deal with Microsoft spyware, because the company secretly activates the Gamebar services in the background and contacts the XBox Live service with related product ID and ImpressionId
  3. Bethesda Service is activated
  4. Microsoft Azure Playfab and Analytics is activated
  5. Through Playfab alone, the product has online compulsion as a prerequisite. Even if this service were not active, Bethesda Service would force users into an online service
  6. Microsoft Server Speech Text to Speech Voice API is contacted

Who runs the product?

Developed by IDS Inc. (ID Software) and published by Bethesda Softworks, LLC. id Software acquired by ZeniMax Media, Inc. 2009. Bethesda Softworks is also a sub-organization of ZeniMax Media, Inc. and ZeniMax Media, Inc. was acquired by Microsoft Corporation 2020.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Doom Eternal was Bethesda's first title with Microsoft services.

Where are the service providers located?

Bethesda Softworks, LLC & Zenimax Media, Inc. - 1370 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD 20850 United States
Microsoft Corporation - 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond WA, 98052-6399

What data is collected?

Everything and since everything is linked to unique ID's and personal data, using Doom Eternal is anything but not anonymous.

Bethesda API
Verification of ownership with Serivce account ID, Steam AccountID, Steam Nickname, Login Token. Additionally userdata of the Bethesda platform which includes the Account creation, E-Mail, Username, Language, Last & first name, Location, secret question, sms enabled number, account type, unique id, signature and data for linked "Zenimax Code of Conduct and Privacy policy" stuff

Microsoft XboxGamingOverlay
The joke here? Even if the gaming overlay features are "DISABLED" in Windows settings, Microsoft gets notified when almost any game is launched. Data is tied to ImpressionID's, related GameID, unique user ClientID

Users should block the GameBar.exe in their system enviroment. Even if this means that supposed comfort functions cannot be used.

Microsoft Playfab (Analytics)
Another critical service by Microsoft. Beginning with the business model of forcing users into the cloud and cloud-only applications (GAAS, SAAS) in perpetuity, the service is responsible for BigData telemetry and analytics in addition to online services like multiplayer services.

Microsoft, of course has access to Bethesda's data of users here, as well as well to (if linked) BattleNet, Playstation, XBox, Steam, Nintento and Google data of customers.

Raw data of Playfab

  1. DE_Audio.txt # Audio
  2. DE_Doppelsprung.txt # DoubleJump
  3. DE_ErsterKampf.txt # First Fight
  4. DE_Heartbeat.txt # Telemetry Heartbeat
  5. DE_Index.txt # This and that
  6. DE_IPundHardware.txt # Monitoring IP/Hardware
  7. DE_Einstellungen.txt # Gamesettings
  8. DE_Kampangenstart.txt # Campaign Start
  9. DE_Kartenwechsel.txt # Changing maps
  10. DE_Server.txt # Serverlist
  11. DE_Viecherkill.txt # Killing mobs
  12. DE_Zwischensequenz.txt # Cutszene

Speech Rest API
Developers could use the Microsoft Speech REST API to recognize voice commands from players or to convert text to speech to create an immersive gaming experience. Users should read the Data and Privacy for Speech to text   article. The service appears in some Microsoft games, but can be blocked.

Can the whole behavior be blocked?

No. Telemetry in Microsoft products (Playfab here) is linked to online features (Like Epic Games Online Service), so users have no chance to block harmful and non-privacy compliant behavior. Unless they opt out of the respective product and don't use it.

There are games where it is possible to block Playfab, but then users should be aware that their product will either not work at all or only to a half extend.

The only good thing - is that there is no active login of the operating system like in Microsoft's own games (as example State of Decay). Because these not only log users into games in the XBox Cloud and thus also into partner platforms, but also switch local system accounts online.

User,- and/or Privacy-Agreement

Exceptionally, there is one. Can be found on the store page on Steam  

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