Review zu Generation Zero von Avalanche Studios

Author: A.S. | Verfasst am: 16.09.2019

Generation Zero
Veröffentlicht: 2019
Plattform: Steam
Genre: Offene Spielwelt
Beinhaltet: Eigene Analytics
hosts: Details

Privacy review for Generation Zero from Avalanche Studios | A subsidiary of Fatalist Development AB in Sweden
This rewritten review is an addition to the newest changes (v1.5.2 of Generation Zero) by Avalanche Studio SE.

Edit: 23.03.2020 and latest review changes:
Since my last review update from 16.09.2019, they hiding the exe header/version infos
Tracking address changed from to Ipv6 traffic added: 2606:4700::6810:23d
added telemetry domains


After a few days after my original review, "Avalanche_Graham" made a statement in the Steamhub of Generation Zero (externe Seite) It's more a funny one and again... a lie. Because they got caught and deleted their traces now before it comes to law.

All such data is only used by us at Avalanche Studios, anonymized where appropriate, and NEVER provided to third-parties.

Especially this one. With "gamesight-service" data wasn't anonymized and it was also a third-party company.


The original review with screenshots and data for third-party companys can be read here in my archive entry for Generation Zero.

I archive things for everyone. In Steam and outside :] I'm fair and do a lot of work and leave a lot of money here but I won't be lied to as a customer. And I'm assuming that other customers don't like that either.

--- Now to the new changes which were made since version 1.5.2 - 19.09.2019 ---


The previously integrated "Gamesight service" spyware has been removed. Wasn't active in my tests.

Crashsender (I use this block again, because it's informational and mechanics havn't changed. Added one new entry too)

It's still active and the first which can be seen by users.

Crashsender are a comfortable way to get user data. Self-evident, often hiddeni and without resistance...

Other names would be "crashanalytics", "crashlytics", "telemetry", "metrics" and many companys using it on desktop and mobile devices to get data for free. Whatever, to make consumers think it's not bad.

execute an application:
Parameters: /dontskip /whql:off /64bit /xC:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\CrashRpt\UnsentCrashReports\GenerationZero_F_1.0.0\a1c0dc2a-xxxx-4438-bc36-xxxxbddde41b\dxdiag.xml

Inclusive "crashdump.dmp" and logfiles

Generation Zero
Screenshot mit Details zu: Generation Zero

Subsequent information 19.09.2019:

Collected data goes there

Affected files

The installation folder of "Generation Zero" contains 4 files that steal data from us consumers.

CrashSender1403.exe, CrashRptProbe1403.dll, CrashRpt1403.dll, crashrpt_lang .ini

All files should be deleted before the first game-session

It's a typical "Avalanche Studios thing", and the same "service" is active in theHunter: Call of the Wild™. Same for Rage 2, which was a cooperation project between Avalanche Studios and Bethesda Softworks LLC.

Crashsender is active by default, takes software and hardware data, before the user has the chance to disable the metrics. Same counts for games for the Unity-Engine, Microsoft Corporation or Google products on desktop or mobile software.

Avalanche also has own "hidden" tracking services in several products. More information can be found on my webpage (screenshot)
or my group on Steam. Valve Corporation censors almost all entries here.


Changes with version 1.5.2 - 19.09.2019

Players get a get a hint screen during the first game start.

Allow anonymous Tracking
"Yes/No/Maybe" - Privacy Policy

Are you really sure about this?
You won't allow us to take data from your private device?

Again: Yes/No

So fine, so good.

Variables seems more or less empty during the main menu and the gameplay... and the decision seems to work now.

Now with "Anonymous" Tracking

The complete playerbehaviour is taken, each step, each shot and each visited menu. Together with Cookies. Everyone should be aware of that even and especially if you agreed to it...

Generation Zero
Screenshot mit Details zu: Generation Zero

It's the same if you're filmed by a camera. Same story with adblock in browsers. For my part i do not like this. We are no free ressource.

But everyone has to decide that for themselves.

Involved ips/hostnames

Since the first review, they changed to,

Overview, few variables

That's all. I hope all enjoy their installed piece of software. und sämtliche Inhalte sofern nicht anders angegeben
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