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Remnant: From the Ashes

Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
Released: 2019
Steam ID: 617290
Genre: RPG
Hosts entries:

The world has been thrown into chaos by an ancient evil from another dimension. As one of the last remnants of humanity, you must set out alone or alongside up to two other survivors to face down hordes of deadly enemies to try to carve a foothold, rebuild, and retake what was lost.

  Remnant: From the Ashes Review

Remnant: From the Ashes was originally published by Perfect World Entertainment.

The parent company Perfect World Co., Ltd. sold Perfect World Entertainment to Embracer Group. The studio have been part of Gearbox Gearbox Publishing which is also part of Embracer Group, since 2021. Gearbox Publishing is also registered as a new publisher.

What does this product do?

The program activates 2 essential services at the beginning of the product launch. On the one hand, the mandatory IPv6 checks are from Valve Corporation and on the other hand, the Epic Online Service (EOS for short) is activated. EOS stands for forced online mode and "games as a service" mentality.

The API includes various services such as authentication, profile management, friends, matchmaking, leaderboards, statistics and not to forget an extensive telemetry service. Called "Datarouter".

In everything that has to do with Epic Games, Inc., you have to keep in mind that Amazon is ALWAYS involved, as Epic Games exclusively uses the structures and services of Amazon AWS. As an example active telemetry:

  1. Amazon Kinesis: Epic Games uses Kinesis to collect data from players and process it in real time.
  2. Amazon DynamoDB: Epic Games uses DynamoDB to store data collected by the datarouter.
  3. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2): Epic Games uses EC2 to power the Datarouter servers.
  4. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): Epic Games uses S3 to store the data collected by the datarouter.
  5. Amazon CloudFront: Epic Games uses CloudFront to improve the scale and availability of the datarouter.

IPv6 Checks

Valve's IP checks are equivalent to captive portal queries and thus telemetry. If a connection is successful, there is a "Success" as feedback. The system was secretly introduced and is active at the client start as well as for various products with the Unreal engine.


With the product delivered free of charge there is a Crashlytics service from Epic Games, Inc. The file CrashReportClient.exe should be deleted from the game directory.

Who is running the product?

Gearbox Publishing

Where are the service providers located?

  1. Gunfire Games - 7801 N Lamar Blvd Suite B166 - Austin, TX 78752 - USA
  2. Gearbox Publishing - 14090 Summit Drive, Suite 110 - Frisco, TX 75078 - USA
  3. Epic Games, Inc. - 620 Crossroads Blvd., Cary, NC 27518, USA
  4., Inc., 410 Terry Ave., North Seattle, WA 98109, USA
  5. Valve Corporation, 10400 NE 4th St, Bellevue, WA 98004, USA

What data is collected

The Epic Datarouter is a data processing and analysis tool developed by Epic Games that primarily serves to collect and process data of user behavior and interactions in various applications of Epic Games. The scope of functions of Epic Datarouter includes

  1. Data collection: The Epic Datarouter collects data from various sources, including the user interface of applications from Epic Games, APIs and other data sources.
  2. Data processing: The datarouter uses the collected data to perform complex queries and analyses. It can also aggregate, transform, and clean up data to optimize for analysis and reporting.
  3. Data analysis: The datarouter can analyze data to gain insights and trends and identify problems. It can also create dashboards and reports to give users an overview of key metrics.
  4. Data security and privacy: The Datarouter has extensive security and privacy features to ensure that the data collected is safe and secure.
  5. Integrations: The datarouter can be integrated with various tools and platforms to export data to other systems or import data from other systems.

Overall, the Epic Datarouter allows Epic Games to collect and analyze extensive data on user behavior and application performance to improve the user experience and performance of products and services.


To be honest, there is none. Players give up their data sovereignty completely and as here in the case of Remnant: Fromthe Ashes they are not even informed what is recorded at all, why and who gets the data.

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