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Unity-Crashlytics (230)  

The UnityCrashHandler32.exe and UnityCrashHandler64.exe are Unity Technologies files used in the Unity development platform. They are responsible for secretly capturing crash data (without crash) in 32-bit and 64-bit applications. The files are located in the main directory during game installations and should be removed by users before a game starts.


 TitlePublisherReleasedSteam APP ID:
24 Solar Terms24 Solar TermsGamera Games20231589800
7 Days to Die7 Days to DieThe Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC2013251570
Above Snakes: PrologueAbove Snakes: PrologueCrytivo20232209150
AfterpartyAfterpartyNight School Studio2020762220
Agent A: A puzzle in disguiseAgent A: A puzzle in disguiseYak & Co2019801480
AimlabsAimlabsStatespace Labs, Inc.2023714010
ArcticoArcticoClaudio Norori2014325210
Arkham Horror: Mother’s EmbraceArkham Horror: Mother’s EmbraceAsmodee Digital2021840210
As Far As The EyeAs Far As The EyeGoblinz Studio20201119700
Ash of Gods: RedemptionAsh of Gods: RedemptionAurum Dust LLC.2018691690
AutonautsAutonautsCurve Games2019979120
Battlestar Galactica DeadlockBattlestar Galactica DeadlockSlitherine Software UK Ltd.2017544610
Behind the Frame: The Finest SceneryBehind the Frame: The Finest SceneryAkupara Games20211634150
Behind the ScreenBehind the Screen18Light Game Ltd.2018821560
Beholder 2Beholder 2Alawar Premium2018761620
Bendy and the Dark RevivalBendy and the Dark RevivalJoey Drew Studios Inc.20221063660
Bendy and the Ink Machine™Bendy and the Ink Machine™Joey Drew Studios Inc.2017622650
Bio Inc. RedemptionBio Inc. RedemptionDryGin Studios2018612470
Blade AssaultBlade AssaultNEOWIZ20221367300
Blasphemous 2Blasphemous 2Team17 Digital Ltd20232114740
Bloons Adventure Time TDBloons Adventure Time TDNinja Kiwi Limited2019979060
Bloons TD 6Bloons TD 6Ninja Kiwi Limited2018960090
Book of YogBook of YogQiHeShe Technology Co.Ltd20221097430
Bread & Fred DemoBread & Fred DemoApogee Entertainment20211763200
Builder SimulatorBuilder SimulatorFrozen Way S.A.20221120320
Car Detailing SimulatorCar Detailing SimulatorGames Incubator20221433570
Car Mechanic Simulator 2021Car Mechanic Simulator 2021PlayWay S.A.20211190000
Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never EndsCell to Singularity - Evolution Never EndsComputer Lunch2018977400
Chill CornerChill CornerLow-Hi Tech20221749630
Cloud GardensCloud GardensNoio20201372320
CloudpunkCloudpunkION LANDS2020746850
Clownfield 2042Clownfield 2042RIVERSIDE SPORTS20221591520
Coloring PixelsColoring PixelsToastieLabs2018897330
Conan Chop ChopConan Chop ChopFuncom20221061880
Conglomerate 451Conglomerate 4511C Entertainment20201022710
Core KeeperCore KeeperFireshine Games20221621690
Cozy TimeCozy TimeCozy Live20222054740
CraftopiaCraftopiaPOCKET PAIR, Inc.20201307550
CRUMB Circuit SimulatorCRUMB Circuit SimulatorVital Group Ltd20222198800
Dead Age 2Dead Age 2Headup Games2021951430
Death’s DoorDeath’s DoorDevolver Digital2021894020
Demon Turf: TrialsDemon Turf: TrialsPlaytonic Limited20201451650
Destiny of BloodDestiny of Bloodtengenstudio2017688360
Disciples: LiberationDisciples: LiberationKalypso Media Group GmbH20211287840
Disco ElysiumDisco ElysiumZA/UM2019632470
DorfromantikDorfromantikToukana Interactive20211455840
Double DamnationDouble DamnationThe Yellow Architect20221015190
Drill Deal - Oil TycoonDrill Deal - Oil TycoonManager Games S.A.20221083300
Drone SwarmDrone SwarmAstragon Entertainment GmbH2020401760
EastshadeEastshadeEastshade Studios2019715560
EcoEcoStrange Loop Games2018382310
Edna & Harvey: The Breakout - Anniversary EditionEdna & Harvey: The Breakout - Anniversary EditionDaedalic Entertainment2019959000
Elden RingElden RingFromSoftware, Inc.20221245620
ELDERBORNELDERBORNHyperstrange S.A.2018727850
Eldest SoulsEldest SoulsUnited Label S.A.20211108590
Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPGEncased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPGPrime Matter2021921800
Eternal Return: Black SurvivalEternal Return: Black SurvivalNIMBLE NEURON CORPORATION20201049590
Eternal ThreadsEternal ThreadsSecret Mode20221046790
Evil Democracy: 1932Evil Democracy: 1932Hamsters Gaming20201219950
FAR: Lone SailsFAR: Lone SailsMixtvision2022609320
Felix The ReaperFelix The ReaperDaedalic Entertainment2019919410
Firestone Idle RPGFirestone Idle RPGHolyday Studios20191013320
Five DatesFive DatesWales Interactive20201353270
flChessflChessFlying. Stone. Production2017643890
FlorenceFlorenceAnnapurna Games, LLC20201102130
Flower DesignFlower DesignPanGuoJun2017546070
Force of Nature 2: Ghost KeeperForce of Nature 2: Ghost KeeperCrytivo20211316230
Fun with Ragdolls: The GameFun with Ragdolls: The GameJadon Barnes20191142500
GARAGE: Bad TripGARAGE: Bad TriptinyBuild2018878580
Garden PawsGarden PawsBitten Toast Games Inc.2018840010
GloomhavenGloomhavenAsmodee Digital2019780290
Golf With Your FriendsGolf With Your FriendsTeam17 Digital Ltd2020431240
Goose Goose DuckGoose Goose DuckGaggle Studios, Inc.20211568590
GORNGORNDevolver Digital2019578620
Graveyard KeeperGraveyard KeepertinyBuild2018599140
Green HellGreen HellCreepy Jar S.A.2018815370
GRIMEGRIMEAkupara Games20211123050
GRIME DemoGRIME DemoAkupara Games20211524090
Grow: Song of the EvertreeGrow: Song of the Evertree505 Games20211380420
Guardians of GreyrockGuardians of GreyrockDark Illusions Entertainment, LLC20211217550
GWENT: The Witcher Card GameGWENT: The Witcher Card GameCD PROJEKT RED20201284410
Happy TogetherHappy Together云wind2018905940
Hardspace: ShipbreakerHardspace: ShipbreakerFocus Entertainment20221161580
HELLIONHELLIONZero Gravity2019588210
Hentai Coloring GameHentai Coloring GameCyber Keks20211493720
Hentai CrushHentai CrushMature Games20191003520
Hentai HalloweenHentai HalloweenIR Studio20191171440
Hentai NeighborsHentai NeighborsMature Games2018946090
Hentai Pussy 2Hentai Pussy 2Cyber Keks20191072120
Hidden FolksHidden FolksAdriaan de Jongh2017435400
Hokko LifeHokko LifeTeam17 Digital Ltd2022824000
Honey Select 2 Libido DXHoney Select 2 Libido DXイリュージョン20201631080
HordeCoreHordeCoreMETA Publishing2021980210
House PartyHouse PartyEek! Games, LLC2017611790
Idle ResearchIdle ResearchCryptoGrounds Games LLC20221482860
Idle WizardIdle WizardTwoWizards2019992070
Iron DangerIron DangerDaedalic Entertainment2020899310
Iron HarvestIron HarvestDeep Silver2020826630
Jet Kave AdventureJet Kave Adventure7Levels S.A.20211383700
Juicy RealmJuicy RealmX.D. Network Inc.2018732370
Kandagawa Jet GirlsKandagawa Jet GirlsXSEED Games20201233800
KatieKatieLonely Frontier Studio2018829560
KeyWeKeyWeSold Out20211242980
King of CrabsKing of CrabsRobot Squid20201273710
Kingdom Two CrownsKingdom Two CrownsRaw Fury Games2018701160
Kingdoms and CastlesKingdoms and CastlesLion Shield, LLC2017569480
Landfall ArchivesLandfall ArchivesLandfall20232353760
Last EpochLast EpochEleventh Hour Games2019899770
Legion TD 2Legion TD 2AutoAttack Games2017469600
Lets School HomeroomLets School HomeroomPathea Games20232431660
LightmatterLightmatterAspyr Media, INC.2020994140
Little MisfortuneLittle MisfortuneKillmonday Games AB2019714120
Lost DaughterLost DaughterAlper Gonen20191008690
Lost RuinsLost RuinsDANGEN Entertainment20211306630
Lunar MirrorLunar MirrorDSGame20231910790
Lust from BeyondLust from BeyondMovie Games S.A.20211035120
LYNELYNEThomas Bowker2014266010
Maid of SkerMaid of SkerWales Interactive2020826940
Mech Merc CompanyMech Merc CompanyMichael Shoots2020984610
Merchant of the SkiesMerchant of the SkiesColdwild Games20201040070
Microcosmum: survival of cellsMicrocosmum: survival of cellsSatur Entertainment2017386260
Miriel SagaMiriel SagaNG+ Studios20211148710
Miss Neko 3Miss Neko 3Toffee Cafe20222022180
Monster Girl2Monster Girl2JKgames20232158500
Mosaique Neko Waifus 4Mosaique Neko Waifus 4Lil Hentai Games20211504020
Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021PlayWay S.A.20211078760
Mr. PrepperMr. PrepperPlayWay S.A.2021761830
Muse DashMuse Dash海南哈嘶哈嘶科技有限公司2019774171
My Time at SandrockMy Time at SandrockPathea Games20221084600
NEOVERSENEOVERSETinogames Inc.2020994220
NiffelheimNiffelheimEllada Games2018351100
OcultoOcultoEteru Studio2019952400
OlliOlli WorldOlliOlli WorldPrivate Division20221190170
One Finger Death Punch 2One Finger Death Punch 2Silver Dollar Games2019980300
OninakiOninakiSQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.2019987720
Oxygen Not IncludedOxygen Not IncludedKlei Entertainment2017457140
Panzer Dragoon: RemakePanzer Dragoon: RemakeForever Entertainment S. A.20201178880
ParkasaurusParkasaurusWashbear Studio2020591460
Pascal’s Wager: Definitive EditionPascal’s Wager: Definitive EditionGiant Global20211456650
Pathfinder: KingmakerPathfinder: KingmakerDeep Silver2018640820
Pathfinder: Wrath of the RighteousPathfinder: Wrath of the RighteousMETA Publishing20211184370
PhasmophobiaPhasmophobiaKinetic Games2020739630
Phoenix Point DemoPhoenix Point DemoSnapshot Games, Inc.20221973790
Placid Plastic Duck SimulatorPlacid Plastic Duck Simulatorturbolento games20221999360
Potion CommotionPotion CommotionNerdyBird Studios20201209450
Praey for the GodsPraey for the GodsNo Matter Studios2019494430
Project HospitalProject HospitalOxymoron Games2018868360
Project: MirrorProject: Mirror430 GAMES20232171840
Pussy 3Pussy 3Cyber Keks20191067020
RaftRaftAxolot Games2018648800
Re-LegionRe-Legion1C Entertainment2019782140
Red Obsidian RemnantRed Obsidian RemnantBeijing New Era Network Technology Co., Ltd.2017610960
RiftwalkerRiftwalkerDeeplink Studios2019929910
Road 96Road 96Digixart20211466640
Rogue LordsRogue LordsNacon20211069690
Sairento VRSairento VRMixed Realms Pte Ltd2018555880
SANNABI: The Revenant PlaytestSANNABI: The Revenant PlaytestNEOWIZ20211695090
Shing! DemoShing! DemoMass Creation20201293290
Showdown BanditShowdown BanditKindly Beast20201076280
Sigma Theory: Global Cold WarSigma Theory: Global Cold WarGoblinz Publishing2019716640
Skater XLSkater XLEasy Day Studios PTY.2020962730
Skellboy RefracturedSkellboy RefracturedUmaikiGames20211096100
Skul: The Hero SlayerSkul: The Hero SlayerNEOWIZ20201147560
Soda Dungeon 2Soda Dungeon 2Armor Games Studios2020946050
Sol CrestaSol CrestaPlatinumGames Inc.20221575640
Solasta: Crown of the MagisterSolasta: Crown of the MagisterTactical Adventures20201096530
Source of MadnessSource of MadnessCarry Castle AB20221315610
Spacebase StartopiaSpacebase StartopiaKalypso Media Group GmbH2021840390
Star RenegadesStar RenegadesRaw Fury Games2020651670
StarCrawlersStarCrawlersJuggernaut Games2017318970
StarsandStarsandToplitz Productions GmbH20221380220
Strike Buster PrototypeStrike Buster PrototypeBD Games20211399590
Subnautica: Below ZeroSubnautica: Below ZeroUnknown Worlds Entertainment2019848450
Summer in MaraSummer in MaraChibig2020962580
Surviving the AftermathSurviving the AftermathParadox Interactive AB2020684450
Syberia - The World BeforeSyberia - The World BeforeMicroids20221410640
Tainted Grail: ConquestTainted Grail: ConquestAwaken Realms Digital20211199030
Takoyaki Party SurvivalTakoyaki Party SurvivalKIMIDORI SOFT20222114370
Ten Dates DemoTen Dates DemoWales Interactive20222110580
Tennis Manager 2021Tennis Manager 2021Rebound CG20211433010
Tentacle GirlTentacle GirlInverse Game20201205240
TerraTechTerraTechPayload Studios2018285920
The Coma: RecutThe Coma: RecutHeadup Games2017600090
The Crackpet Show: PrologueThe Crackpet Show: PrologueRavenage Games20222216280
THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: RemakeTHE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: RemakeForever Entertainment S. A.20221694600
The Invisible HandThe Invisible HandFellow Traveller2021628200
The Life and Suffering of Sir BranteThe Life and Suffering of Sir Brante101XP20211272160
The little AcreThe little AcrePewter Games Studios2016423590
The long DarkThe long DarkHinterland Studio Inc.2017305620
The Lost GardensThe Lost GardensThrowback Entertainment2017734700
The Serpent RogueThe Serpent RogueTeam17 Digital Ltd20221453790
The Shapeshifting DetectiveThe Shapeshifting DetectiveWales Interactive2018898650
TinytopiaTinytopiaMastiff, LLC2021968550
TOEMTOEMSomething We Made20211307580
Tormented SoulsTormented SoulsPQube Limited20211367590
Town of SalemTown of SalemBlankMediaGames2014334230
TownscaperTownscaperOskar Stålberg20201291340
Turbo Golf RacingTurbo Golf RacingSecret Mode Ltd.20221324350
TwicklesTwicklesAssemble Entertainment2017695110
Two Point HospitalTwo Point HospitalSEGA2018535930
Underworld AscendantUnderworld Ascendant505 Games2018692840
Until We DieUntil We DiePixeye Games20211197570
Untitled Goose GameUntitled Goose GamePanic2019837470
ValheimValheimCoffee Stain Publishing2021892970
Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New YorkVampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New YorkDraw Distance20191096410
Vaporum: LockdownVaporum: LockdownFatbot Games, s. r. o.20201161880
VigilVigilNeon Doctrine2020720560
Viki Spotter: CampingViki Spotter: CampingFor Kids2018893730
Viki Spotter: ProfessionsViki Spotter: ProfessionsFor Kids2018935440
Viki Spotter: ZooViki Spotter: ZooFor Kids2018931630
VolcanoPrincess DemoVolcanoPrincess DemoGamera Game20221688740
VRoid StudioVRoid Studiopixiv Inc.20201486350
War PartyWar PartyRogueside NV2019777770
Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - DaemonhuntersWarhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - DaemonhuntersFrontier Foundry20221611910
while True: learn()while True: learn()Luden.io2019619150
WingspanWingspanMonster Couch20201054490
WishWishMomentum Games CO, LtD.20201207780
Zombie FlickZombie FlickYiming2018906680
ヘブンバーンズレッドヘブンバーンズレッドWFS, Inc.20221973710
剣と魔法と学園クエスト。体験版剣と魔法と学園クエスト。体験版ACQUIRE Corp.20221955620
隐秘的角落 Demo隐秘的角落 DemoAluba Studio20232072050